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February 8, 2010
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February 22, 2010

The aim of any responsible dating agency is to ensure that the user’s experience is safe but also provides a facility which offers value for money and fulfils member’s expectations.

With over 2 million members currently signed up to the adult dating network, 3,500 new adults joining every day and month on month growth exceeding 8% we are confident that the demand for our services exists.

The recent upgrade to our site plus the regular addition of adult related articles we trust has gone someway to reach our goal of being one of the UK’s adult dating service providers but we are still not content!

Over the last 12 months two areas that have concerned us is the balance of male to female members currently a ratio of 25:75 and the length of time members are retained. In order to get some answers to these questions we conducted a survey to try and ascertain why members become disillusioned. The results were not surprising but did get to the core of our problem. Female members were not being retained due to be overwhelmed with interest…too many males chasing each female. While male members were becoming disillusioned because 3 males were chasing every 1 female this was reducing their ability to find the right partner or dating.

So as of 22nd February Affairs and Dating will offer FREE MEMBERSHIP to all female members. The free membership gives every female full access to all of our dating features: free search, free profile matching, free searching and free messaging.

Will this improve the user experience… well we think so! Last year we ran a brief experiment by offering free membership and the update was fantastic so we are sure that this introduction will benefit all members looking for fun, romance or illicit encounters.

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