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With so many older people looking for love online, it’s never been easier to find a partner. Divorce really doesn’t have to mean the end of your love life, especially not with modern online dating.

There’s never been a better time to start looking for a relationship, lover or fling online. Here’s why online dating is absolutely perfect for older singletons and daters.

Finding a Partner or Lover is Important

With so many marriages ending in divorce and separation nowadays, it’s never been more important to prioritise your romantic life later in life. Finding a partner, lover or casual fling can make a huge difference to your happiness, and just being older or divorced is no reason to give up on this side of life.

Online dating used to have this stigma attached, with this stereotype of the lonely recluse trying to find love online being common. That’s never been less true! With a huge percentage of younger people using various dating sites to find relationships, it’s even more useful for older people.

Over 50’s are Made for Online Dating

Based on a range of statistics, people over 50’s are substantially more promiscuous when it comes to their attitudes towards sex compared to younger people right now. From kissing new partners sooner, to sleeping together within the first month, according to polls and statistics older daters are ready to have a good time with new partners, and online dating just makes that easier.

What’s more, older daters are vastly less likely to say I love you earlier on, and less likely to become addicted to online dating. They’re also much more likely to go exclusive within the first six months of dating, meaning that overall, there’s going to be vastly less heartache and drama. It’s almost like online dating isn’t really for young people after all, but instead perfect for the over fifties demographic.

It’s Easier than You Think

There’s a lot of technophobia in the older generation, especially when it comes to new things. Online adult dating really isn’t any harder than any other form of social media.

If you use Facebook, then you’ll find online dating no trouble at all, and even if you’re not used to using social media, there’s so many guides and tutorials out there that there’s no reason not to get started today.

How to Get Started

Getting started doesn’t have to be a big difficult thing. It’s really just a case of knocking out a short, humorous, mysterious and interesting bio about yourself, and finding some decent pictures.

When it comes to the bio, it’s important to stay short, because no one wants to spend ten minutes reading five paragraphs. On top of that, a little mystery, humour or interesting information can also be hugely beneficial. You want to be honest, but not brutally so.

Photos are one of the most important elements of setting up a new dating profile. You want to choose three to five photos, with each hitting different criteria. The first photo needs to be a clear shot of you, smiling, looking good, and happy. The second should be a group shot, showing your active social life, another can be you enjoying a hobby or holiday. Essentially, you’re trying to communicate a happy you, living a social, exciting and varied life. Don’t try too hard though, people can tell when you’re being false.

Apart from the photos and bio, it’s really rather simple. Once those are done, it’s time to start chatting and engaging with all the other singletons.

Get Chatting

Chatting to other singletons in the online dating arena is probably the most challenging element of the whole experience, especially if you’re a bloke. Women really just need to filter through the duds till they find a man they’re interested in. Men need to be a lot more proactive, chatting up and seducing new prospects.

Be interesting, humorous, friendly and never too explicit, unless that’s the way things are going. One of the biggest parts of chatting up people online is not coming across as desperate, while making your interest clear. Being funny is always going to be the key to everyone’s heart because everyone enjoys laughing. Many people rate sense of humour as one of the most important factors when it comes to new partners.

All it really comes down to is keeping at it, trying different approaches and being positive, confident and adaptable. You never know, the very first person you chat to could be your new love interest. 

Date Ideas

You might find yourself struggling for fun date ideas, especially when going to a club and getting drunk together isn’t the appealing prospect it once was.

Pubs are always going to be an easy option. Finding a nice local pub, and sharing a few drinks together in a quiet corner can make for the perfect intimate first date.

What’s more, once you’ve gone through a couple drinks, and realised you’re really enjoying each other’s company, its super easy to order food, and graduate to an even more formal and romantic date setting.

Hobby-based dates can be perfect if you share an interest. For instance, going hiking or walking can make for a really fun chance to get to know each other, and you can always terminate the hike at a pub! Showing someone else an area where you’re competent, or teaching and sharing knowledge is always going to be attractive and engaging.

Going all out and swanky with cocktail bars or fancy restaurants can make for an intense, rewarding dating experience. Everyone enjoys being spoilt and enjoying good food and cocktails in slick venues. It’s a chance to really dress up and impress.

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