Cheating Myths In Dating
August 24, 2009
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How Much Does It Cost To Cheat
September 3, 2009

While both men and women are capable of having illicit affairs, guys are more prone to succumbing to the temptation. And everyone knows that regardless of why it is done or where you did it or with whom you did it, affairs can serve the death sentence to a relationship.

But while it’s great to dwell on what could happen after the cheater gets caught, it’s better to look into how infidelity can probably be prevented by understanding why men cheat. These are not excuses to the behaviour  but more like explanations on what goes on in a guy’s body when he indulges in casual dating so that you can keep them for happening.

Biological predisposition

You must be familiar with the anthropological theory of how a man’s job is to ensure that his genetic legacy goes on. A man is predisposed to stray and to have an illicit encounter primarily because he is biologically programmed to spread his seed and procreate. But this doesn’t necessarily imply that a guy can’t help it if he has a bit on the side. It only means that he is bound to encounter strong biological urges to wander.

In spite of their biological make-up, men are not necessarily predestined to cheat. There will be times when they have to fight the urge, though.

Attention seeking

Many believe that men have extra marital affairs because sex with their wives is not as frequent as it was before. But such is not necessarily the case. There are men who have sex regularly with their wives who still go on casual dating.

Cheating women seek the affection that they don’t get at home while men sleep with someone else because they are looking for the attention that they are missing at home. A mistress showers a guy with seduction, flirtations and advances. She makes him feel taller and more good looking.

Escape route

There are also guys who have marital affairs simply because they want out of their present relationships. There are men who find it difficult to break off their relationships so they do things that will make their partners back out first.

For a change

And there are men who indulge in extramarital relationships because they want to break off from the monotony of the routine. It’s like an Ipod list. You have this play list that you enjoy listening to over and over. It’s comfortable and relaxing. But once in a while, you want to hear something else so you switch to another play list. A few days or weeks after, you go back to your old play list and it feels new again so you go back to playing it over and over. Men can be like that when it comes to their relationships.

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