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October 31, 2009
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Traditional social norm dictates that when it comes to dating, the ideal is older man, younger woman. Various theories have been developed to explain why. Some say men who are more visual than women – opt for younger and healthier females simply because they are better looking. Some experts also say that women tend to be more emotional, so they want men who are more experienced. There are also research findings indicating that older men offer more stability in adult dating and that women tend to mature faster, so an older man is a better equivalent wisdom-wise. It was only during the sexual revolution in the ’60s where the May-December affairs became quite prevalent. It became hip for females to go on adult affairs with younger men – and it’s still hip these days. Women who date younger men have actually gained a nickname: “cougars.”

So, should you date older or younger than your age? Here are some things to consider.


Obviously, it’s a lot easier for younger ladies to achieve and maintain great bodies because they still have a higher metabolism (so they don’t get fat), and the stress lines still haven’t showed up. On the other hand, because older women tend to come with more stable bank accounts, they can now afford what younger women have – great bodies with the help of personal trainers, and zero wrinkles thanks to Botox. Of course, a younger woman wouldn’t have to go through great lengths to maintain her body. She can drink all the beer she wants one night and it wouldn’t readily manifest on her belly the next day. On this regard, when it comes to local dating, younger women win the body criteria.


The truth is that a lot of younger women still don’t have sufficient experience in this area. Dating a ‘virgin’ may sound great until you actually date one and realize just how nervous and awkward they can get. In comparison, older women know what they want. In any affair, it’s better to be with somebody who is confident and more likely to get adventurous because she knows her way.

Relationship issues

A woman in her thirties will probably have her fair share of bad experiences when it comes to dating, affairs and practically every type of adult dating you can think of. This means that the next guy in line (that’s you) will have to work harder at proving that you’re not like the others. There’s a lot of pressure on you to make sure that you outdo her last great affair. Younger women, on the other hand, are practically blank slates; you just have to be better than her high school boyfriend. Note: Older adult contacts are also more particular with commitments and settling down, so if you’re not yet the marrying type, you might want to hang around the younger ones.

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