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September 9, 2009
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Cheating these days has become more complex and illicit affairs of any form have become so unacceptable in monogamous relationships. But what women consider cheating may not be the same for men. So clearly, definitions have already varied and it’s now difficult to find one working explanation of what constitutes the act.

With women, infidelity goes beyond just sleeping with someone else. Here are some of the things that ladies often classify as cheating.

Confiding in other ladies

Confiding in a woman is worse than sleeping with her and having a full-blown affair with her. If a man allows himself to emotionally connect with a woman other than his partner, that’s already considered like having a bit on the side. When he talks to her comfortably about things that he should be sharing with his partner, then that’s actually more hurtful than spending the night having sex with some woman he just met at a bar or in the street.


There’s nothing wrong with dancing with another woman but if you dance too close to that lady to the point that you’re already rubbing your crotch against her, that’s already counted as an illicit affair. If a man does that to someone else, his partner tends to think of it as desiring that other woman in the same way that he desires her.

Provocative flirting

Even joking around provocatively with the receptionist at your office can be counted as a form of illicit affair. If you have this ongoing sexual conversation with some other girl, your girlfriend or your wife might consider it a form of betrayal. There’s nothing wrong with innocent casual flirting but when there’s the intent of eventually turning the flirting into reality, then it’s a different story.

Going to a Lap Dancing Club

There are some women who classify this as cheating but a lot of women don’t. The real problem actually comes up when the guy pays to mess around with a stripper. If a man has to go to a strip joint to get some action, then there’s something awfully wrong with the relationship.

Cyber Sex

Apparently, a lot of women think that cyber sex and on-line casual dating is definitely to be considered cheating. Masturbating while you’re getting on the Net is actually even worse. For most women, it hurts to find their man getting it on with some faceless girl on the internet.
Any form of sexual contact
This is the most expected form of cheating. If you kiss, caress or go down with another woman, you’re cheating. Any form of sexual contact – and that includes oral sex – is a form of extra marital affair.

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