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June 5, 2018
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So you’ve conquered the art of  online adult dating, you’ve moved beyond simple messaging, and you’ve scored a phone number. Everything is lined up and ready for you to knock it out of the park. What’s the worst thing you could do right now? Take them to the completely wrong venue.

Sometimes the whole success of a date can hinge on choosing the right venue, and gauging the atmosphere between the two of you right. You want to pick somewhere that really matches your energy, letting the two of you bond and connect. Here’s how to pick the right date venue.

What Do You Need in a Perfect Date Venue?

It all depends entirely on what you’re trying to communicate, and the way you’ve been talking and communicating. You want somewhere that matches up with the rest of your communication, that doesn’t strain your early relationship, which can play the perfect background to you two connecting, and sparking up a truly magical first date.

If you’ve been flirting non-stop, and you think it’s absolutely in the bag, is a formal dinner date really what you’re after? A suave cocktail bar with plenty of dark corners to cuddle up in and get drunk can be much closer to the mark.

You need to remember that even if it’s going really romantically online and over text, that doesn’t mean it’s time to jump straight to a Michelin-starred restaurant. If you’re not a particularly suave, smooth talker, a formal dating environment can be really challenging.

In short, the perfect date environment is one that at the bare minimum puts the both of you completely at ease, while quietly impressing the other. You don’t want to be too showy early on, but that can be a good idea later on.

Worst Case Scenario

We’ve all got all kinds of images in our heads when it comes to the worst case dating scenario, but picking the absolutely wrong venue can make for some of the worst ones. Slightly awkward conversationally? A formal date, like in a classy restaurant, is really going to shine a spotlight on any conversation problems you might be having.

On the other side of things, if you’re on your second or third date, and you’re looking to show off and impress a little, you don’t really want to take them to a cheap bar. Don’t get me wrong though, for casual, super-fun encounters, cheap bars can be the best. It’s all about reading the mood.

Previous Dates?

When it comes to dates, it’s all about steadily upping the ante, and building up to intimacy between the two of you. That can be one amazing date, or it can be a series of fifteen different dates. For the most part, early dates tend to be more casual and chilled out, building steadily to more impressive, romantic affairs. First date, relaxed cocktail bar, third date formal restaurant, fifth date, something fun and novel.

Casual Date Ideas

You’re really going to struggle to go wrong with a bar or pub. A quality cool cocktail bar in a hipster area of town is always going to be a winner, while being very relaxed. It’s easy to be slick and suave, but it’s not a formal environment.

Pubs are perfect too when it comes to casual, low-pressure date environments, and it’s easier to have a chilled out meal together at a pub. Bars are easier to graduate to a club from though, and get really drunk together.

Shooting to Impress?

Beyond the casual date, you’re going to want to start thinking about impressing your new love interest. Of course, you’ve always got your personality, but the right venue is always going to be a strong factor.

Classy, quality restaurants, country hotel restaurants, theatre, all the classic romantic date ideas can still work really well. Just make sure you’re at the right stage in your relationship.

Novel, Fun or Cheesy

Sometimes, the standard bar or pub, and the romantic meal out just don’t cover it. You want to take them on a date that’s truly memorable and hilarious. You need something novel or cheesy. I’m talking going to the safari, or a naff local museum, or going to a theme park. Something fun and hilarious.

Humour is the way to everyone’s heart, and if you can have a laugh together, you’re probably going to be able to do a lot more than spend an afternoon at a petting zoo together.

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