Adult Dating Tayside

Everyone knows that it can be hard to get back into the dating scene after any length of time out of it, but with our premium Affairs and Dating online service, you’re sure to meet someone special in no time at all. No matter what you’re after, from a casual one-night stand to something more serious, all the way over to some naughty extramarital fun, our huge, active membership has it all.

Affairs and Dating in Tayside

With so many members across Tayside, it’s actually a pretty ideal place to get dating and meet someone. Not only are there loads of members dotted around the place, but they’re among our most active daters, and there’s tons of stuff to get up to. From bars to cafes, to pubs and restaurants, there’s loads of classic date venues to choose from, but if you’re wanting to do something a little bit more original, there’s plenty of other options too.

Choose the Right Venue

Firstly, when it comes to planning the perfect first date, you need to be thinking about choosing the right the venue. The perfect location can set things off to an amazing start and really help the two of you connect. The wrong location, on the other hand, can make things super awkward and strained. For example, if things are already a little awkward and shy between you, going somewhere really formal is only going to put that under a spotlight. On the other hand, going somewhere really relaxed, like a casual pub, is going to give you a real chance to relax and get over that.

Perfect Casual Date Venues

When it comes to the perfect casual date venue, you really can’t go wrong with a classic Scottish pub, and fortunately, Tayside has plenty of those. Check out The Phoenix for a great drinks range, quality food and an all-round solid atmosphere, perfect for a chilled out first date.

Romantic Date Venues

If you’re wanting a super romantic venue, try the Castlehill Restaurant in Dundee. Fine dining, quality service and stylish décor, perfect for impressing a date.

Cheesy Date Venues

Sometimes, when you’re all wined and dined out, you want something a little more novel and fun. We’ve got just the thing; Broughty Castle! Now I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. Going for a lengthy walk, taking photos and learning a little about history, followed by a nice pint afterwards, what could be a better first date than that?

Lucy's Personal Profile.

Age: 24 Looking For: A serious Relationship

bubbley little character, usual shizzle! what do people want to know about me! the examples above the box do not help!!i dont want to sound like everyone else, but will prob fade away in the background. havent had much experience with this kind of thing but ready and eager to give it a whirl. looking for an energetic male to experience some new things with, looking for some fun only.

Heather's Personal Profile.

Age: 20 Looking For: A no strings fun

Heya Im Heather Im 20 Been Single Fir A Year And A Half, Had A Bad Break Up. Im a Personal Trainer And Dancer For A Living (hip-hop, urban, street modrate and salsa). Ive Got Blonde Hair With Blue In The Fringe, Blue Eyes, 5'6 I Think And I Liek To Keep Fit. Im Quite A Bublle Laid Back Person Most Or The Time Unless Someone Annoys Me.Want To Know Anything Else Let Me Know.

Victoria's Personal Profile.

Age: 20 Looking For: Fun

Although I live in Dundee, Im actually Irish, but my parents relocated at the beginning of the summer to glasgow. Fortunately though im lucky enough to have moved out of the family home and I'm now living in dundee. I'm 5ft 8, have green eyes and dark hair (although it's naturally blonde). I have an athletic build as i play an awful lot of sport and believe it is important to stay healthy. Although you may think i'm attractive, I'm also really smart and unlike most girls my age i'm actually able to hold quite a deep and intelligent conversation. I guess at heart im really just a bit of a nerd :P I'm a really easy person to get along with and have been told by everyone that I meet that I'm a genuine but funny person (a lot of the time I don't mean to be).