November 3, 2017

Should You Be A Good Or Bad Boy

Bad Boys Have More Fun? Do Bad Boys always get the girls? Do good guys always finish last, as the saying goes. But does this hold […]
October 13, 2017

F Buddy Do You Want One

One night stands, casual sex, friends with benefits who has them
August 2, 2017

Finding A Dating Site

Over the last 12 weeks Affairs and Dating have been busy analysing the traffic to our site. Questions we wanted to answer were how our members […]
February 18, 2010

Women Date For Free

Dating site now offering FREE membership to all females.
November 29, 2009

No Strings

Ok I admit it, I am a serial dater, I hate relationships and crave for simple no strings sex. I just don’t care as long as […]
November 2, 2009

What’s Age Got To Do With Dating

Who says you have to stick to you own age group. If you share common interests and make each other laugh then age shouldn't put you off
October 31, 2009

Dating While Unemployed

Stop mopping around and get out there fun doesnt have to be expensive
October 24, 2009

Conquer Your Dating Apprehension

Fear of rejection can come between you and successful dating so keep trying until you find the right person
October 23, 2009

Navigating The Dating Scene

When you're single, steering through the UK dating scene can be a tough situation