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September 26, 2009
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October 5, 2009

What does it take to find true love online? To find out, we talked to Jessica, an online dater, about her experiences on adult dating through the internet. Jessica came out from a divorce a few years back and met Bob through casual flirting sites on the internet in January. Months later, the two got married.We asked Jessica about her thoughts about online dating and about how she got her “happy ending” through the internet.

Why look for love online?

When asked about what made her try an online affair with other adults, Jessica says that she wanted to get back to the dating scene after the divorce. She wanted another shot at being happy, and she wasn’t keen on sitting around waiting for her life to happen. This is why she took the active step of joining adult dating and worked towards bringing her social life back.

Were there any reservations?

At first, she admits, she had preconceptions and biases about online dating and the people who actually used such services. But then she assessed the situation. Jessica knew that she was not weird or perverted or anything and yet, she’s considering the option of meeting people online – so perhaps, the other online daters were also normal, just like her.
When it comes to online affairs, her biggest concern was that people might think of her as desperate or sad. It wasn’t too long, however, before Jessica finally overcame the inhibitions. After all, this was her life and she can lead it as she sees fit.

Do the meet-ups get awkward?

Like all online daters, Jessica was also initially worried about actually meeting the people she chatted with via dating sites. “You never know if you’re already introducing somebody dangerous into your life,” she says. “But in retrospect, so long as you go to a reputable adult dating website, meeting people through the internet is still a lot safer than meeting them at the pub.”

Jessica also said that she always looked forward to work and her computer each day.
“It was like having a lot of pen-friends, checking your post and never really knowing what surprises you will get. It was always fun getting to know the people I talked to and it always feels great when you find somebody you can really connect with.”
Fortunately, Jessica didn’t have a lot of bad experiences when it came to casual dating and meeting people on the internet. There were some men who she didn’t find appealing, so she didn’t respond to their advances.

Final advice

Finally, Jessica’s advice to other people who might want to try casual dating is to always be careful. It’s always best to follow your instincts, she says. And it’s also important not to give personal information way too soon. Best of all, have fun.

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