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October 13, 2017
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Bad Boys Have More Fun?

Do Bad Boys always get the girls? Do good guys always finish last, as the saying goes. But does this hold true even for dating? A number of ladies go for the naughty boys because they say that all the mischief adds spice to a relationship. However, many women also go for the good guys because these nice chaps are much more dependable. When it comes to online dating, is it better to give off the impression that you are a bad guy, or that you are a good guy?

The answer, mate, depends on what kind of ladies you want to get.

Bad guys are generally also looking for naughty girls. These chaps often go for illicit encounters, extramarital affairs, or adultery. Surveys show that many bored housewives take interest in bad guys, so if you are looking to hook up with a married chick, then be sure you come off as a wayward rebel. Give the impression that you don’t take relationships seriously and are not into commitments. You will thus attract women who are just looking for casual dating and good old adult fun, with no strings attached.

Want a serious relationship? Then be a good guy. Nice chaps are serious, sensitive, and are often looking for long-term partners. Don’t worry – it’s not as if all the girls want the bad guys.  There are also good guys who get the girl of their dreams, especially in online dating sites. You are more likely to get the attention of nice girls you can take home to mum if you give out the impression that you are a dependable man.

Just be yourself

The important thing is to play your cards right. Be sincere and tell it like it is – that’s how you win the girl that you want. Be careful in composing your dating profile and make sure that you are perceived the way that you want to be perceived – whether you want to look like a good or bad guy is entirely up to you.

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