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Illicit Encounter Led To The Sack
September 30, 2017
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October 13, 2017

(A month ago, we published the story of Stella,* a member of She told  the story of how she had an illicit affair with her brother’s friend, David.* Her story continues below. If you have not read part one, it’s here)

“I promise, Stella, it’s just gonna take an hour—max!” Shawna begged over our tuna sandwiches at lunch.

I was busy checking my email while chewing at the same time so I couldn’t exactly see Shawna’s begging face. Even so, I pretty much knew what it looked like—puppy dog eyes pucker lips and scrunched up eyebrows. After all, this was not the first time that Shawna asked me to do her a favour. Today, she was asking me to meet one of our clients—a painter—to talk about his upcoming exhibition at the local gallery. Our company handled the painter’s first exhibit a several months ago in a gallery in a nearby town and that event was a success so it’s not surprising that “Goody”, that’s the name of the artist, would want to work with us again.

“What’s in it for me?” I asked without taking my eyes off the computer screen.

Shawna swiveled in her chair at the cubicle right across mine. “Hmmm. Let’s see. How about a spa treatment over the weekend—my treat?”

“Try again.”

“Lunch for the whole week?”


“Coldplay concert tickets?”

“Already got ’em.”

“Drinks on Friday at that hot hot bar that just opened downtown?”

I thought for a moment. “Okay. You’re on.”

Shawna put her palms together and raised them in an exaggerated manner towards Stella. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re a lifesaver.”

I crumpled her now-empty sandwich wrapper and threw in the wastebasket. “ I don’t know why you’d rather go shopping than meet with this guy if he’s as talented as you say he is.”

“Oh he is, he is. But you know me, my one true love is Roberto Cavalli,” Shawna quipped. “Besides, I might be doing you a favour right back. I heard he’s really hot”


It was almost seven when I finally asked the waiter to bring her bill. The meeting time with Goody was at six and I made it sure that I showed up on time at the cafe of the artist’s choice. Unfortunately, almost an hour has passed by and there was still no sign of the painter anywhere. Not that I would recognize him if he does show up. When the painter messaged her online, he just said he’ll be wearing a dark blue t-shirt and then told her to sit in the table nearest the bar so he can easily spot here.

During the first few minutes that I waited, I remembered how I always wanted to meet this particular painter but never had the time. During the last exhibit, I had been so busy putting everything in order—even after the exhibit—that I did not have enough energy to go to the intimate after-party with some of my colleagues and the painter. The longer I sat at the table, the more I looked forward to meeting the artist whose works I had admired. However, as six o’clock drew near, I became less and less of a fan of the artist and became more and more of an impatient event coordinator getting stood up by a client.

After two cappuccinos, I finally had enough. After paying my bill, I was just about to head to the door when someone strongly familiar entered.

My grip on my handbag tightened. It was David. David who was one of my younger brother’s best mates. David, who used to be an awkward gangly teenager showing up at our family’s house every weekend. David, who adolescence has turned into a raging hottie. David, with whom I had a one-night stand several months ago. And David, who I had just stopped thinking about not very long ago.

I watched motionlessly as David’s beautiful gray eyes scanned the room like a radar and purposefully landed on mine. He smiled. “Sorry I’m late.” He sat down at the table without waiting for me to sit back down. I forgot that I was supposed to be mad. My shock forced me to sit down across David.

“You’re—You’re Goody?”

David scanned the menu casually without looking at me. “In the flesh.”

I slowly reeled from this new information. “I—I mean, me and my team handled your last exhibit.”

“I know.”

“You knew I was part of that team?”


“And you knew that I was gonna meet you here today?”

David finally looked at me. “I wasn’t even supposed to show up tonight. But when I got your email saying you’re substituting for your colleague, I decided to come. “ He smiled again. “What can I say, Stella? I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since that night.”

It was Friday night and Sammy’s Night Club was packed. In one of the booths, me and Shawna were sitting sipping on their drinks, barely being able to talk above the noise of the talk and the loud music.

“I don’t get it, why did you tell him you were gonna be here if you didn’t want to see him?” Shawna asked after I told her the story about David and how he turned out to be Goody.

“I didn’t tell him,” I replied. “Well, I didn’t intend to. He was trying to ask me out tonight, and I said I had plans. He said he didn’t believe me, and I told him to go to hell, and he said I was lying. I got so pissed off that I told him the truth just to prove I wasn’t lying.”

Shawna looked at me. “ Look, it seems like you’re still affected with by this guy. Why don’t you just go out with him and talk?”

“Shawna, talking is not something that I tend to do with this guy, okay? It’s enough that he’s my brother’s friends, and it’s enough that we had–” I came to a sudden halt.

“Had what?” Shawna asked.

“Oh my god, it’s him,” I nodded towards to the door. Sure enough, there was David and he wasn’t alone. He had on his arm some leggy and busty blonde that looked like she stepped off the pages of Playboy. I became suddenly aware that I had no date whatsoever. But instead of feeling sad about the fact, I felt mad. What the hell was he doing here? Was he trying to ruin my night?

“Oh yeah, he is hot,” Shawna gasped.

“Hot enough to burn,” I said as I quickly stood up and marched towards his direction. Shawna said something but I was too far to hear.

David was just about to sit down when he saw me. “Stella,” he smiled.

“Can I speak to you for minute?” I got right down to the point.

David looked from me to the blonde and back again. “Well, um…”

I didn’t wait for him to make up his mind. I walked towards the door, out into the street and into a hidden alley just beside the building. David showed up in a few seconds.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I demanded before he can say a word.

David shrugged his broad sculpted shoulders. “Same thing you’re doing here. I’m here for the opening party.”

“That’s bullshit! You knew I was gonna be here and that’s why you showed up. You are so immature. Being my little brother’s friend and all, I’m not really surprised.”

He didn’t appreciate this remark because I noticed his cheeks flare up. “You didn’t think I was so little when were screwing in the bathroom.”

Now it was my turn blush furiously. “That meant nothing.”

“Then why are you still acting weird about it?”

I looked at him carefully. “I’m not one of your bimbos, David.”

He took a step towards me. “I know you’re not.”

“I’m not just some girl that you screw at a party and then tell your friends the next day.”

“I didn’t call you because I didn’t know what to say,” he took another step. “I mean, you’re my friend’s big sister. There was no way that you could’ve wanted to be with me.”

Even if these were the words that left his mouth, I slowly felt his breath on my mouth as he leaned in for a kiss. As our gentle kissing became more passionate and hurried, my back hit the wall of the alley as he pushed into me. His mouth travelled from my mouth to my neck as his hands reached under my dress to take off my knickers. Before I knew it, both my legs were wrapped around his back as he slammed into me again and again. The thought of someone walking by and seeing us made the whole thing even hotter. The thought of that ditzy blonde sitting waiting for him made it hotter as well. With the wall on my back and his mouth covering my scream, I came like I never did for a long time.

Later, when I was back at my own table and he was back with his date, we couldn’t help exchanging knowing glances.

(to be continued)

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