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Casual Dating
September 5, 2017
Adult Affairs
He Led Me To An Affair
September 24, 2017

My brother was graduating in a couple of months. I should say good riddance because frankly, he is been at it for a long time, changing degrees like he changed girlfriends. Well, it is not like I had everything figured out when I was in college so I am not really going to give him shit about it. Since my parents are very relieved that he is finally going to be doing something with his life now, they threw him a graduation party. It was not big, just a barbecue out back, but everyone Adam knew was there. Even his friends from high school were around. Now, these friends from high school? You can say they are like family to us. Some of them we even knew before Adam and I started school because we lived in the same community. But since I was older, they were really Adam’s group of friends. Still, it was really quite nice to see everyone in one place. I moved out many years ago so I was getting a good dose of surprising updates from them. You know, who is dating who, and all that. And boy, was I surprised! But just when I thought I had seen everything and heard everything from these “little boys”, in walked someone carrying a six-pack.

“Sorry, I am late!” he said.

“You loser! I was really starting to think you were not coming!” barked Adam, as he took the six-pack from the newcomer, stashing it in the fridge.

As the two of them talked by the food table, I was trying to figure out who this person was. Adam guests were his friends, yes, but they were people I also knew. So who is this guy then? I was racking my brains for that and must have spaced out because I did not notice them get back to the table.

“Hey, sis. You remember, David?” Adam offered. I must have really looked out of it.

“David? David Goodman. David James Goodman! Oh my god!” I spat, realizing that it was the boy that practically lived in our house because he and my brother hung out a lot.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t recognize you,” I stuttered. Yeah, I sure didn’t. As I sat there and watched David exchange high-fives with his old friends, I was trying to figure out … when the hell did he get so hot?!

Let\’s backtrack a bit. Last I saw him, he and my brother were getting ready for Uni. I was just fresh out of college then. Feeling wee bit adventurous and trying to make the most of the time we had until we officially start working, my friends and I decided to go on a road trip. I moved out of the house before that so when I got back, I didn’t really have the opportunity to see Adam off to University. As if he’d want that. My brother was so excited to go off to Uni and the prospect of being around so many girls so he was determined to make a really good impression. Having your sister and your mum and dad dropping you off was clearly not going to help. From then on, we just kept in touch by calling and emailing each other from time to time. It goes without saying then that if I barely had time to catch up with my brother, then I clearly did not have the time at all to be asking about his friends. That’s why you can just imagine my surprise when I found out that this hot thing sitting in front of me was David Goodman. Back then, he was really awkward. Teenagers are naturally awkward but he was just way more awkward. Now, he’s here, confident, sitting in pair of jeans that seemed to fit in all the right places. I’m not complaining, really. I was enjoying the sight.

“So, what do you do now, David?” I asked, getting back to reality.

“I’m a graphic designer. I also do—-” he started.

“He’s also doing that girl, Jenna!” shouted Billy, another one of their school friends.

“Shut up, Billy! We’re just–”


“Well, yeah. But it’s not like we’re together or dating or anything.”

“Like I care if you’re together. I’m just jealous of you man because you get to bury your head in those big, big tits of hers. Ahhhh. Why do you always get the good stuff?” complained Billy, laying his head on the table looking miserable.

“All the good stuff?” I asked Adam.

“Well, for one, he’s got a job that pays him to do what he loves. Second, aside from Jenna, he’s also been with a couple of hot chicks. It’s like he was on a roll after uni.. We kept in touch so we’re pretty much filled in on what’s going on with each other’s lives. Except the girls, really. The girls we just found out because Billy and I were bored and so we decided to drop by unannounced at his place. ”

“You got me in trouble with Imogen with that, you know,” David piped in.

“We’re sorry, dude. But it’s not our fault you didn’t lock your doors.”

“Locking the doors isn’t the problem. He should’ve mentioned that he was nailing more than one girl!” laughed Billy.

“So you’ve grown to be quite the man, huh?” I said, amused.

“They’re really making a big deal out of it. That was the only time anyway that I was dating two girls at the same time.” defended David.

“And after that?” I asked.

“After that… there was no one.”

“No one? What, you got your heart broken or something?” I joked.

“Nah. Not really. It’s not like I was really serious with them or anything. Because you know, if I was, I wouldn’t be dating the two of them at once.”

“So there’s no one? Liar!” I laughed.

“Well, there is someone. But I’m not telling.” said David, crossing his arms together, which he clearly shouldn’t have done because that made his shirt tighter, emphasizing his toned arms, which I had a hard time staring away from.

The party continued on to the night because Adam’s friends had planned to stay over. I had one beer too many, even beating Billy at beer bong, so I decided to head inside the house to freshen up. I knew the house like the back of my hand but all that alcohol made it harder to move around. That also made me realize instantly that someone was inside the bathroom when I walked in. When I turned around after locking the door behind me, David was just zipping up his pants.

“You really don’t know how to lock doors, do you?” I said with a grin plastered all over my face.

“Well, your family has a knack for coming in on me at the most inopportune of times,” David replied, walking closer to me.

“This is inopportune? Hardly.” I argued, leaning against the bathroom counter.

“Oh, yeah? And why is that?”

“Because you’re here and I’m here and the doors locked. And everyone’s downstairs getting wasted so no one will bother us.” I pointed out.

“You have a point there.” David said, inching towards me.

“So, you agree? That this is a good opportunity?” I suggested.

“Hell yeah.” growled David, pinning me against the bathroom counter as he started kissing me hungrily.

I responded by kissing him back just as hungrily, hands all over the place, pulling his shirt from his pants and groping his ass.

“W-wait. What about Jenna?” I stopped, trying to catch my breath.

“I don’t care about Jenna. Like I said, we’re not dating or anything. For all I know, she could be doing the same thing we’re doing right now.” He replied, kissing me again, frustrated that we had stopped.

At that point, I didn’t care anymore if this guy was my little brother’s friend.

Sure, I always treated him like a little brother but there was no little brotherly about him now so there was no holding back.

As we made out, he wrapped his arms around me, lifted me up, and sat me on the bathroom counter, sliding off my pants as he did.

The bathroom counter was cold and so I was stunned for a bit, but I didn’t mind because David’s mouth was all over me again, commanding my attention.

As his hands fondled me, my hands fumbled with his pants. I couldn’t get the buttons undone because it was so hard to concentrate. I was a woozy and I wasn’t sure if it was just the alcohol kicking in or if it’s my body responding to David, or maybe both.

I didn’t really have the time to think about it because not long after, I finally got his pants off and that’s when the real fun began. I don’t remember much of it, really, but I do remember coming really hard. That was really great. Nothing like a good climax to sober you up, actually. We just stayed wrapped up around each other for a few minutes before heading back down to join the rest of the guys.

The next day was an ordeal. Brought about by all that booze, everyone was pretty much knocked out until the afternoon. I don’t know if I tolerate my alcohol better than the rest of them or they just drank more than me but I woke up before everybody else, although I was nursing a slight hangover. Force of habit led me to the kitchen to brew up a pot of coffee. I thought, my parents must have realized the damage Adam party will turn. That’s why they booked themselves a hotel room for the weekend. Great, so I’m the oldest person in the house. If anybody turns up missing or is in need of a hospital, I would be responsible. Maybe I should just leave before everybody wakes up? Yeah, that’s a good idea. Running away sounds good. But before I could figure out an escape plan, someone I got really familiar with last night walked in.

“Oh! Hi,” spat out David.

David was surely surprised to see someone up so early considering what happened at the party last night. He probably didn’t even realize it was me.

“Hi. Good morning.”

I poured myself a cup of coffee and offered some to David.

“No, thanks. I think I’ll just have water.”

Pouring him a glass, “That was some night, huh?” I started.

“Yeah. I didn’t think I could drink that much. It’s been a while really since I got really wasted.” He explained. “Do you have an aspirin? My head is killing me.”

“Yeah, sure, I think we have some. Wait here. I’ll be back.”

I left David in the kitchen to get aspirin from the bathroom. When I got back, Adam had found his way out of bed as well.

“G’morning, sis. That was one hell of a party, if I may say,” beamed Adam.

“You’re up happy. Didn’t your party leave you something to remember it by?” I groaned.

“I have a massive hangover right now but I’m so proud of myself for finishing school and so glad to see all my friends together that there’s nothing that can bring this day down for me!” Adam practically shouted at us. “But there’s only so much my body can handle so I’m going back to bed. See you guys later.” he continued, standing up and leaving me and David alone in the kitchen.

“Here’s your aspirin, David.”

“Oh, thanks.” David took a couple of aspirins from the bottle and drank them in such a hurry that he spilled water all over himself.


“Here, I’ll get you a towel.”

I wasn’t really planning on actually wiping himself for him but you know how it’s instinctive to help someone do that. I wished I didn’t because he grabbed my hand. I was surprised at the sensation I felt but I tried to fake my way through it by acting as if him grabbing my hand had no effect on me. He was I think taken aback by what I did so he just took the towels from me and wiped himself off.


“You’re welcome.”

After that, David left the house. I drank the rest of my coffee and left a couple of hours after.

A couple of months pass and going to back to work buried Adam’s party at the back of my mind. Everything was back to the way they were.

I will admit to thinking about David a few times during those months, with some of those thoughts even very similar to what happened in our bathroom. What? That was a really hot night. It’s not something you easily forget. But I figured, it was a one-time thing. That’s that. I can’t believe I’m spending time thinking about it. I mean, it was just for fun. Had the alcohol not kicked in, we probably wouldn’t have done it. Still, David turned out pretty well. Hot as hell, actually. I’m not surprised why that Jenna girl sticks around although they’re not dating or anything. Or at least that’s what David claims. Well, anyway, that’s their life. I’m going back to living mine now.

“Hey, Stella. The art gallery needs you to meet with the painter so you can discuss how he wants his exhibit to open.” called Gillian, my boss.

“Oh, ok. I’ll head over there later.” I said, thankful that I had something to keep me busy.

The art gallery was located downtown. I was debating whether to drive or not over there because the traffic was pretty heavy this time of the day but since I wasn’t in a hurry either, I just decided to bring my car. True enough, I got stuck a good hour on the road when it should’ve been just a 15-minute drive. The traffic I can deal with. I mean, it’s always been there and I’m used to it. But what really got on my nerves was that everywhere I look, I saw David. For instance, there’s this guy walking. He’s wearing the same pants I pulled off David. It’s really nothing but then I found myself thinking that David looked way better, hotter in those pants. And again, I was reminded of how badly I had wanted to take them off!

My god! What am I doing?! I’m turning into one of those psycho chicks that you have one-night stands with and then want to be your girlfriend the next day! This can’t be happening! That or I just want more sex in my life. That’s got to be it. I just want more sex in my life. I really need to start dating again. It has been nearly a year after all since I broke up with my boyfriend so it’s high time to be dating again. It’s not like I wasn’t in the dating scene because I was too hurt to move forward. On the contrary, I’ve never been happier since I kicked that bastard out of the house. He was taking me for granted and unluckily for him, I love myself. When I’ve had enough, it was time to say goodbye. I do admit that we had incredible sex though. I missed that for a bit but I landed a job at this events coordinating company, which was one of my dreams really, so I had a lot of things happening in my life such that being romantic with someone just took a backseat. So now that I actually have time to be thinking about someone else, then maybe I can give dating a chance again. Yeah, dating should do it. Dating should get me off my obsession with David. I should give my girlfriends a call to see if they can hook me up with anybody.

The art gallery’s featuring the work of a local artist. The story is that the artist has been around the industry for some years now doing freelance work but it’s only now that he’s been given the chance to showcase his works. We didn’t really set a time for the meeting but unfortunately when I arrived, the artist had already left. It’s really no problem though because he did leave instructions with the art gallery staff. It’s just a shame because I really wanted to meet him. Looking at his works, there was something familiar, something comforting about them so I just wanted to meet the man who was responsible for it all. Goody—that’s his name or at least what he uses in his paintings. What kind of a name is that anyway?

Goody’s exhibit was a success. But the thing was, even though I was there the whole time, I still didn’t get to meet him because he was flanked by so many people. Not that he was all I was thinking about because I had with me this new guy I was dating. It’s kind of hard to focus really when everywhere you look, you’re thinking of ways of how you two can do the deed. I never thought art galleries had so many dark corners. It’s also a good thing that I made it clear with my new guy before we started dating that I wasn’t really keen on being serious. I told him, “Let’s just have fun and see where it goes.” And boy, are we having a lot of fun. Sometimes we even invite other people to have fun with us as well. The more, the merrier, we realized is true.

I’m happy to report that since I’ve been dating, I’ve forgotten about the whole David business. Ok, maybe not totally but it’s not in the same obsessive way that I used to think about him. Now, I just kind of use that night as a yardstick for the men I’m dating sometimes. You got to hook me in like David did that night or it’s nothing. Confidence is a great turn-on but it also doesn’t hurt that you’ve got an ass I’d want to ride all night. Sex With Brother’s Mate (Part 2)

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