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November 2, 2009
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February 8, 2010

Ok I admit it, I am a serial dater, I hate relationships and crave for simple no strings sex. I just don’t care as long as they say yes; I find beauty in all women and believe me I have had my fare share. It started at school when and felt a huge pressure to lose my virginity. My problem was simple, I wasn’t cool and didn’t make the school teams wore glasses and shock horror had acne.

Dating Without Commitment

Believe me I was an ugly teenager who spent more time living out fantasies in the security of my bedroom than speaking to the opposite sex. Between the ages of 14 and 17 I just accepted it, I was never going to pull but I was a bit of a comedian and slowly I began to realise that girls started to hang round me as I was the only one who could really make them laugh.

Well it worked, she wasn’t cute she didn’t have a good body but she did have a pulse and that was good enough for me.  It was fantastic what a night I can still remember it, my brains was not the only thing she blew that night and what made it perfect she had a boyfriend and told me in no uncertain terms that she didn’t want to see me again. I was hooked, it was so easy I wanted more!!! So I got to work, every opportunity I had I was out in town, sometimes with my mates sometimes alone. My modus operandi was the same every time find a group of girls and a reason to stop and chat, throw in a sprinkle of charm and a large potion of humour and wait to see which one laughs all the way to my bed.

Simple No Strings Dating

I am now 25 and can honestly say that I have made up for a late start. I love the challenge, the chase is the best part but I have rules. There are too many women in the world to get tied down I want sex, simple no strings dating. One night stands are perfect although I have been known to go back for more if she was really good. Which leads me to the reason for the letter, I have tried a number of dating agencies but this is the first that allows members to vent their thoughts.

Internet dating for me is the best and the reason is simple….you can find exactly what you are looking for and members are more than happy to describe what they want. No strings, no complications no long term relationships. A few jokes and couple of emails, then sex!!!

Thank you, the internet is a wonderful place, Give me more no strings dating.

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