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July 6, 2017
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August 2, 2017

I can’t control my urges! The internet is a funny thing. Some use it to find their true love, soul mate, or a quick encounter that is meant to be forgotten after the first date. Internet dating has given me all the fun and excitement I need…and I don’t mean harmless flirting, I mean SEX, nothing more. Hey, who says women cannot have as much fun with sex as men do?

I’m a web whore, I admit. I was actually a member of 10 different internet dating sites, and some of them match singles to “promote lasting relationships.” What a bunch of ****. I just preyed on the hopeful men (and women) in those sites, and hooked up with everyone I fancied. Unfortunately, there were at least 4 or 5 of them who expected more from the sex. I found that rather strange. When did people get so needy and clingy? You won’t believe how many guys were looking forward to settling down, and they were serious about using internet dating to find a wife. What??

Do not get me wrong — I think I may want to settle down in the future. However, I am only 23 and I am enjoying the fruits of my career as a freelance copywriter. I just want to enjoy life and sex without having to be in love. I have been there before—I had a boyfriend in high school and our relationship went on for many years, even through university. But all that time, I was bored – and I acted out. He had NO CLUE that I was hooking up with a few of his friends just to get the sex I crave. A few weeks before graduation, I finally admitted that I needed to be free so I can enjoy life while exploring myself. Internet dating has given me a lot of opportunities to fulfil those goals.

I just want dirty sex – Is that too much to ask?

I had to bailed out of the internet dating sites that specialized in helping people who are looking for “lasting relationships.” Those sites were no good. They could not give me the fun that I needed with no strings attached.

My favourite internet dating site is AffairsAndDating.Co.Uk. What I like about this site is the fact that it is an internet dating site for men and women like me who are looking for illicit encounters. The people I have been meeting there know that there are no strings attached to our encounters.

The best sex I have ever had

I have been hooking up with at least 2 to 3 men per week through AffairsAndDating.Co.Uk. Most of the men come from different backgrounds; some of them are bored married men. Probably the best one that I ever encountered from this internet dating l was a 27-year old man named Saul.

He was about 6’3” tall but quite skinny for his height. Anyone who ever saw him immediately thought that he was a loser… but not me. I was attracted to his large dark brown eyes that seemed to pierce through my soul each time they looked at me. He also had some zits, but that did not bother me. I loved his eyes, his voice when he spoke, the way he kissed me, and the way he made love to me. He had an interesting background, too. Saul is the only son and heir of a corporate mogul from the US and he stayed in London for the sake of finishing an MBA degree. Our illicit encounters started when I saw his profile in the website and I immediately contacted him with a simple “hi”.

Saul and I met a few hours later after that. I guess it was fortunate that his apartment was close to mine. We stayed in his place and I could not count the number times I had an orgasm while he was making love to me.

Despite his skinny frame, his penis was really long and thick, and I enjoyed every moment when it was inside me and pleasuring me. Having his big penis inside me was one of the best feelings in the world.

I loved his slow yet hard thrusts and the way he held me in his arms. He had a strong grip, something you would not expect from a skinny man like him. I also loved his lips and his mouth, especially whenever he would use them to explore my body.

We continued hooking up on the following nights ahead but at the same time, I was also seeing other guys – sometimes immediately after having sex with Saul. I just can’t get enough. But, nothing could beat Saul’s penis. There were many times when I would imagine the other men I was shagging were Saul just to reach a really big orgasm.

Saul and I had the perfect illicit affair. I did not care if he hooked up with other women as long as he had time to spare to have sex with me with no strings attached. After our first 2 nights together, he gave me the keys to his apartment so I can freely go and visit him whenever I needed to be satisfied. I abused that opportunity to have sex with him as often as I want. It reached a point when I realized that  I was beginning to rely on him for a good time, but I did not care. After all, it was all for the sex and nothing more.

It was fun while it lasted. Our short yet memorable illicit encounters lasted until he had to leave already to go back to the United States. We never talked again after our last night together and after saying our last goodbyes. Saul was like an addiction. I immediately missed him and I started searching for other men who could fill the void that he had left. I knew I had to find other men who could surpass Saul’s skills in bed or I would not be able to feel satisfied. I looked for sexual encounters with people from the internet habitually, and I ended up dating two or more men every week.

The woman who gave me the greatest pleasure

Saul was undoubtedly the best penis I’ve ever had. And the best pussy, you ask? That would have to be a woman who actually pretended to be a man when she joined the dating site. I should have known from observation and from what I have been hearing from other internet users that not everything you see on the web is true. People lie about their gender and other aspects about themselves. But I didn’t care.

Her name was Veronica, a redhead with really pale skin and blue eyes. She had a few freckles spreading across her cheeks, crossing the upper bridge of her nose. She was very cute. She was a bit taller than me at 5’9” and she liked wearing high heels, which made her tower more over me. She was a waitress in a local pub, a place that also served as one of the more convenient meeting places for men I have met on the internet (it was discreet and the food was okay).

Veronica asked me to meet her in that pub. Her name was “Martin” when she first introduced herself as a man on the internet. Just imagine my surprise when this sexy lady approached me instead, and admitted that she was a lesbian looking for sex. I was surprised, but I did not have the urge to run away. There was just something about Veronica that made me want to experience what it was like making love to a pretty redhead like her.

So, the two of us made our way out of the pub and went to her place, just a couple of blocks from it. It was a small apartment but to me, it was very inviting. We had a few glasses of wine first as she told me about herself. It was pretty boring. I never shared anything about myself throughout the duration of the conversation. As she spoke, all I could ever think about was how sex was going to be like with her.

I observed the contours of her body from her breasts down to her legs. I imagined the things that I could do with her. I was immediately turned on at the thought of her red lips trailing kisses along my body, and her tongue licking that sensitive spot between my legs.

But before I could make her do those things, I had to make her stop talking first. I put my glass on the red coffee table and slowly leaned forward to give her a kiss. That shut her up. I was there for some lovin’, not babblin’.

It was first time to ever make love a woman, but I never held back. The mere touch of her fingers were enough to hurl my sanity overboard. Her lips were softer than a man’s, her scent much more strong. Her touch was gentler, which kept me begging for more. The way she giggled every time I nibbled on her skin, lips, earlobe, or breast just sent blood rushing to my wet pussy. She returned the favour, fondling my breasts or my vagina ever so gently. I never knew a woman could get me sooo aroused.

Veronica was a wonderful lover. We continued to hook up continuously for about five months, but of course I still had illicit encounters with men when I was not seeing her. However, I started to grow tired of the woman-on-woman action. I needed to be fucked hard.

Besides, Veronica got a little clingy. I realized that she was actually looking for a long-term commitment.  That was when I bailed out and refused to see her again without explaining why. She was upset when we parted ways, and I never saw her again.

In all my illicit encounters, I never told anybody where I lived, where I worked, what I did with my life, and my contact details. Doing so would be like inviting trouble to my doorstep – especially when it comes to sex with married men who have jealous or psycho wives, and of course, the clingy and stalker-like types.

Veronica introduced me to another side of myself that I never knew I had. I have had illicit encounters with other women after her…and I am still actively having sex with women. These lesbian encounters may not have been as pleasurable as my encounters with that pretty redhead, but they were enough to satisfy my immediate needs for sex especially when a man was unavailable. I just have to have my fill.

(My Illicit Encounters – TO BE CONTINUED)

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