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August 14, 2017
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Casual Dating
September 5, 2017

Last week, we published the story of Alexa* (real name withheld). She told us about her uncontrollable sexual urges and how she gets satisfying sexual illicit encounters by joining Affairs and Read PART 1 of her story here. Below is the rest.

Threesome action

They were a married couple: Gabriel and Angela. Both were around 30, living in a middle class community, and perhaps nobody would ever think that they are both sexually adventurous like me. They looked like your typical young, happily married couple with a business that involved selling religious items (of all things).

It was the husband that I met first through this website. The two of us had our share of illicit encounters for almost 2 months before he suddenly introduced me to his wife. I was quite surprised when his wife revealed that she encouraged him to find somebody as sexually promiscuous as they were on the internet, in the hopes that they would find someone to do a threesome with. Apparently, I passed their expectations with flying colours.

I was invited over to their home for lunch but there was no time for any meals. Angela had a wonderful body for a 30-year old woman. She was quite beautiful, with angelic features that could deceive. What I loved most about her were her breasts, which were still perky, naturally large, and bouncy. Her lips were also divine. It got that rose pink shade. Whenever she came her toes would curl as she tilt her blonde hair back while groaning with pleasure.

There was also something about the way she would kiss, lick, and finger me. She immediately knew where to put her hands, mouth, and fingers on my body, as if she had known where my pleasure points were all along. Maybe Gabriel told her about them already; or maybe, as a fellow woman, she just knew. As for Gabriel, our many illicit encounters together proved him to be a natural in lovemaking. It excited me to watch him and his wife kissing, caressing, and exploring each other’s bodies as I watched and masturbated in one corner before they decide to invite me to join them again. In my mind, I thought they were the perfect couple and secretly wondered if I could ever be the same with my future husband.

Gabriel and Angela continued to summon me back to their home for about 2 to 3 times a week and this went on for almost a year. They even invited me to join them for a cruise along the Caribbean, where we continued to embark on our illicit encounters with one another. It was fun having a threesome with them. They made me realise that I am capable of being this adventurous.

The only problem was that they became competitive on who could pleasure me more, which  eventually lead to Gabriel being extremely jealous when he realised that I was obviously more attracted to his wife than to him.

I thought Angela tasted better than Gabriel and she was able to satisfy me more than he could.

But the pressure was mounting. It was stressing me out. I just wanted dirty sex. Do they really have to be so childish? I eventually cut ties with them, as I didn’t want to be the cause of their fighting. I went on to find other illicit affairs also here in I forgot about them.

Until….A few months later, I received an online note from Angela saying that she and Gabriel had separated. She said she wanted to see me…that she needed a shoulder to cry on I knew what she was up to, and I was right.

Angela and I agreed to meet at a budget hotel one afternoon. It was near the house where she and Gabriel once lived.

The moment we entered our room, she grabbed me in an embrace and enveloped my mouth in a hungry, passionate kiss. There were no words spoken between in the six hours we spent together in that dark and musky room. All we did was to fondle, finger, and explore each other. We gave each other multiple orgasms until we were both sleepy. I suddenly remembered that I had a date with a guy named James that night, so I left as she dozed off. And as if I haven’t had enough sex with Angela, I still insisted on doing the deed with my new date.

I never saw Angela or Gabriel again, as there were far too many other people looking for sex online – and I wanted to meet as many as I could. But I remember them all to this day – and I remember the pleasures they gave me.

Sometimes I think I see them; in the grocery store, in the restaurant, in the museum. But I made no big deal about these encounters. I have had my fill of sex and pleasure from them, and I am not the type of girl who would reminisce about the past and wonder about the “what might-have-been” or the “what could-have-been.” It is always the sex that I am after, not the companionship and definitely not love. No, not right now. I prefer to date multiple individuals and have sex with different people. Different flavours, different smells….

In my mind I have a database of people I have fucked. I choose an image and imagine the hot sex we had when I am alone and touching myself. My experiences with Saul, Veronica, Angela, and Gabriel were still the most memorable, but I am always looking for new people to top them. I need my sexual desires satisfied. I am still a member of…and I just might meet you in here.

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