Affairs and Dating Merseyside

Affairs and Dating is one of the leading online dating services in the country, with an intuitive, easy to use interface, and more importantly, tons of active, chatty members. Whatever you’re looking for, be that something casual and easy, romantic and passionate or a simple fling on the side, we’ve got you covered. We know that it can be hard getting back into dating after a while out of the game, but with our database of keen members, plenty of great venues and locations to date and a bit of effort, anyone can get their love life rolling again.

Affairs and Dating in Merseyside

Merseyside has the potent combination of plenty of local daters and plenty of great places to date. From pubs and bars to bowling alleys and cinemas, whatever your style, you can find it.

Choose the Right Venue

One of the most important elements when it comes to really nailing that first date is always going to be choosing the perfect venue. We all want to impress our dates, but that doesn’t mean all dates should be held at the most expensive Michelin starred restaurant going. It’s all about picking a venue that suits the two of your down to the ground. If things are still a little awkward, maybe try a chilled out pub or bar. If you’re wanting to impress and show off, go for a more ostentatiously romantic option. You get the idea.

Perfect Casual Date Venues

The ideal casual date venue is always going to be the nice and easy British pub. Chilled out atmosphere, plenty of pints, and a nice dark alcove to curl up into and get to know each other. An easy choice would be the Hesketh Arms. Plenty of drinks choices and good pub food should you want to graduate to a dinner date.

Romantic Date Venues

If you’re wanting to impress, look no further than Spire, Liverpool. Modern British and European fare, combined with a stylish décor can make for an extremely romantic meal out.

Cheesy Date Venues

One of the best things about being near the coast is being able to take someone on the most supreme of all cheesy dates, the walk along a beach. With plenty of different beaches to choose from, you and your date will be admiring the view, arm in arm, in no time at all. Maybe pop into a local pub for a quick pint after

Lauryn's Personal Profile.

Age: 20 Looking For: A serious Relationship

Im not too sure what im doin on here. ill tell you a few things; i will not reply to men who have there penis' hangin out in the pictures soo dont bother messagin me cos i woant answer - jus a waste of you time. im looking for dating and see how things go. erm im quite shy dont know whatelse to say haha

Sammy's Personal Profile.

Age: 22 Looking For: A no strings fun

hiya everyone names sammy. just a regular girl at heart an like to look after myself, have a naughty side to me as well of course! ;o) looking for somebody really horny up for fun weekly hopefully, somebody who enjoys a good evening of passionate sex when possible appose to quickies. not looking for a shag to be over in 10mins and then up and leave i like to enjoy myself and enjoy the night. i've come out a 9 month relationship four months ago... got a bit heated with a mate the night i split up with my ex and what a mistake now we don't speak. lost a boyfriend and a mate but that's life, he wanted more from me but i'm not ready for that and when i said no he didn't wanna be mates so his loss i guess! just want to find some one who is looking for a casual thing, preferable monogamous as the thought of your dick being else where would really put me off but i do mean nothing serious just a fuck buddy just one on one. hopefully not too much to ask. xx

Jo's Personal Profile.

Age: 24 Looking For: Fun

I am the Captain of This SHIP! Im a crazy blonde person and I am currently studying for a degree in pharmacology, most interesting! I like to be social, but currently im confined to a very amazing group of friends that live in Dundee. I am some what insane but good insane not bad stalker type insanity... Ha Ha NO! I hate making plans for things months ahead it ruins the surprise. Im rather flakey and generally forget what im doing most of the time.. but that just makes it all the more fun for me!! YAYE Pretty much that is me.