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September 16, 2009
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When it comes to casual dating through the internet, you probably have a thousand and one questions even if you would never admit how inept you are with online adult dating. A lot of men have raised the questions and we now have the answers to some of the most common ones. This Q&A focuses on how to take “the next step” in an online affair with a woman, and how to deal with two girls.

Read on and be enlightened.

The right time to talk over the phone

A common question that guys have when it comes to casual flirting on the internet is this:  When exactly is the “right” time to move the conversation from the chat room to the telephone? The answer is really simple. You shouldn’t wait too long to start a phone conversation. A lot of men are reluctant about asking for a woman’s number through the internet. Adult dating through cyberspace makes it more difficult to get ladies on the telephone due to the high possibility of rejection. After all, this is going to be a move beyond the woman’s comfort zones and phone conversations are just a few steps away from meeting you in person.
But there are ways to ask a woman on the internet for her phone number. For instance, if you feel that she’s having fun talking to you, you can probably say something like, “I have to go now but let’s talk later in the day over the phone like normal people do.”
A lot of women don’t really talk to the guys they meet through casual dating sites. If you get this answer, there really is nothing that you can do to make her give you her number. This is why you have to ask for it as soon as you feel that the lady is comfortable talking to you. You have to find out sooner instead of later.

Liking two girls on the internet at the same time – How should you deal?

When looking around the internet, it’s probably normal to have affairs with more than one lady. But eventually, you will have to decide which one you would like to pursue a more personal adult dating relationship with. Some guys, however, decide to stay single and keep dating both ladies.

If you’re aiming for a relationship by visiting casual dating sites, you need to pick one that you like better and start going out with her regularly. If you’re not ready to get tied down yet, you don’t need to see either frequently.

There really is no problem with having two or more women liking you, but you have to be upfront with everything and make sure that the women don’t feel like you’re having an affair or something while you’re dating them. You have to make it clear that you’re still casually seeing a lot of women because you’re not ready for a relationship yet.

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