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November 29, 2009
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February 18, 2010

The lesbian dating field is admittedly a very small one. However, this does not mean that you don’t have the chance to meet the right partner for you.

First of all, whether you have just come out of the closet recently or you have been out in a while, you should congratulate yourself on being able to accept who you are and not being afraid to show others your true sexuality. In fact, lesbians are at the forefront of today’s headlines, especially with the controversy regarding same-sex marriage. Famous celebrity lesbians include funny gal Ellen de Genres, controversial TV host Rosie O’Donnell and Sex and the City’s sizzling redhead Cynthia Nixon.

The bar scene

Now that you have come out of the closet, you are probably ready to find that special someone whom you can start a romantic relationship with. However, it won’t be an easy journey. Unlike straight people who are scattered at the local grocery store, coffee shop and basically anywhere you go, lesbians are somewhat harder to find. You can easily see a girl and mistake her for a lesbian and have it turn out that she’s not. For this reason, you need to carefully evaluate the places you go to in order to get into the lesbian dating scene. Bars are always good places to visit whether you are gay or straight. However, bars are also associated with superficial lesbian dating. After all, the dim lighting and alcohol can always cloud your judgment and you can easily wake up the next morning wondering what in the world you have done. To be safe, be sure to bring a couple of friends with you. And if you are seriously planning on meeting someone, take it easy with the drinks. You wouldn’t want to meet the girl of your dreams and then throw up at her stilettos, would you?

An alternative for the shy

If the bar scene is not exactly for you, then you can always try lesbian dating websites. There are now dating websites for people of every sexual orientation. These sites help take away the awkwardness out of first meetings because you immediately get to view the person’s profile, even before you go on a date with her. This way, you already have an idea about her hobbies, favourite music and such, thus, giving you more material to talk about.

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