For the Guys – How to Win at Online Adult Dating
January 26, 2018
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February 23, 2018

Online dating tips for women? What’s the point? Don’t they have it easy? Well, kind of. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of online dating.

Design a Profile That Attracts Who You Want it To

What you want to do, when it comes to setting up a profile on any online dating site or app, is think a little bit about who you actually want to attract. Because, as a woman, you’ve got plenty of choices, so anything that narrows the flow down to people you’re actually interested in is going to be beneficial.

Think about it, want casual one-night hook-ups? That’s easy, couple cleavage-heavy photos, one line bio with plenty of emojis and you’re sorted. You’ll have guys messaging you almost instantly.

If you want something a little heavier, you need to choose photos and write a bio that’ll attract a guy that’s a little bit more committed, a bit more intelligent, or funnier. Depending on how you write it and choose pictures, you can attract guys who’re a little more musical or artsy, or funnier, or more intellectual.  

Obviously, you’re always going to have plenty of messages regardless, but anything that improves the quality of those message senders is good, right?

Don’t Overdo the Photos

 You don’t need more than two or three. You can even get away with one. Good design is all about taking away, not adding, so don’t pile on tons of photos in your bio. Guys don’t need to see your face and figure from every angle.

Have a photo of you in a big friend group, of mixed genders. Being popular and social is always going to be attractive. Having male friends looks good, because it proves you’re not a girly-girl princess type, and you’re a bit more mature.

When it comes to group photos, don’t have huge groups where you can’t tell who you are. There’s no point, guys need to be able to tell what you look like.

Writing the Perfect Bio

 Writing the perfect bio? Really? There’s nothing to it. Short, sharp and charismatic are all you need to remember. You need a bit of humour and wit, and a ton of mystery. Your bio already has your age and where you are, everything else is date conversation, so keep it short and funny.

Try to be original as well. Maybe set your profile onto lesbian, and have a look what other girls are saying. Don’t be one of the twenty-thousand women making the same lame joke, it’s boring.

Remember the Point

It’s way too easy to get to a point where you’re just sitting back and browsing through dudes with no intention of going on dates, or even responding. Don’t do that.

Instead, actually go for dates with the ones who ask you, so by the time you’re bored of the endless messages and swiping, you’ll have moved on, having met someone. Remember to stay safe though, always be aware who you’re meeting, and have a back-up plan that’s not ‘stay at his’. You’ll do fine.

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