Adult Dating Jersey

Getting back in the dating game can be tricky at the best of times, and that’s without being located on an island with a small population! Not to worry, with our huge database of local daters and singletons, you’re sure to find that special someone soon.

Affairs and Dating in Jersey

With so many beautiful sights and scenery, not to mention landmarks and things to do, Jersey is a pretty ideal place to meet someone new. From chilled out pubs, to stylish bars, to more novel date ideas, it’s time to get back on the horse, and get that love life rolling.

Choose the Right Venue

One of the most important elements when it comes to planning the ideal romantic date is picking the right venue. It’s all about choosing a location that suits the both of you, based on the tone between the two of you.

Shared hobby? Perfect, go do that. For the rest of us, there’s bars, pubs, restaurants and some more novel offerings. Just make sure you pick somewhere that won’t put too much pressure on the two of you too early on.

Perfect Casual Date Venues

If you’re looking for an easy going, chilled out evening of pints and chatter, try the Cock and Bottle. This tradition public house has everything a casual date needs, from friendly vibes, to plenty of drinks to choose from. You can even upgrade the casual date to a dinner date if things are running smooth!

Romantic Date Venues

Jersey is already a pretty romantic location, but if you want to step it up even further, try going for a classic meal for two at Number10. Boasting amazing seafood and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, you’re going to struggle to go wrong here.

Cheesy Date Venues

If you’re a sporty pair and want to create a really memorable afternoon together, maybe try some water sports at St Brelade’s Bay Beach. From kayaking to surfing, here’s your chance to really show off and have a great time. Don’t forget to grab a bite together afterwards!

Jess's Personal Profile.

Age: 22 Looking For: A serious Relationship

I'm jess, i'm a hairdresser, just come out of a long term relationship and i've only ever had one partner o looking to gain some experiance with a little helping hand hopefully from some one on here. I would never do this but i'de rahter do it like this then go out and sleep with a random person i know nothing about on a night out. Obviously looking to get to know the person a bit before we meet up. Willing to travel to the right person x

Nicole's Personal Profile.

Age: 24 Looking For: A no strings fun

Hi guys! I'm Nicole. I'm 24 And i have just qualified as an embryologist, so basically i work in IVF helping couples who can't have children and i wanted to do this as i found out that i couldn't have Children and even though i couldn't i knew that i could help people who might have a remote chance of conceiving and i love my job knowing how many people i could have helped and now I'm hoping some one can help me in return have some fun. I live in jersey, St Helier, and i work in London so I'm often in London for a few weeks at a time then i go back to Jersey etc. I'm looking for a man who knows what fun is and how to have fun. Some one who can live life without any fears and just be carefree and just takes whatever comes to them and doesn't let it bother them to the point where they get so upset they feel there is nothing left.

Marie's Personal Profile

Age: 30 Looking For: Fun

I work in PR for a media distribution company and I do a lot of travelling to england. My trips can be a bit lonely and I am looking to have some "fun" when I am over next!