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September 26, 2009
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September 26, 2009

So you have met somebody through the casual dating sites on the internet. You feel that you have hit it off with this person and you always look forward to your conversations each day. But is this true love or temporary attraction?

How do you know if you’re feeling true love towards a person you’ve been indulging in casual flirting sessions with? The average individual is said to fall in love four times in his or her lifetime. But will that be considered true love? Here are some of the many signs that you need to lookout for when it comes to adult dating and determining if what you’re feeling is for real.


In adult dating relationships, honesty is important. You have to know the person really well in order to commit yourself to something beyond casual dating. A good way to know just how deep your affair has become is in the way you communicate. If you go beyond mere bedroom talk and openly discuss life – i.e. your ambitions, children, finances and work – and you even have a relationship that is so comfortable that you can even argue over certain things and compromise at the end, then you’re probably headed to the realm of love and out of the casual flirting stage.

However, if all you know about the person you’ve met through online dating sites is his favourite colour and you don’t want to ask much else, about his life, then you’re not moving forward.


Lasting relationships cannot last without love. It is one of the basic ingredients of a romantic affair. One of the good signs that you’re ready to go past casual dating is when you stand by each other even in times of crisis and you can make sacrifices in order to make your partner happy. Another sign of love is when you’re honest and you don’t keep something crucial from each other.

Some warning signs that you’re not in love includes mistrust. If your partner can still indulge in affairs and adult dating outside your relationship, then it only means that what you have together is not so meaningful. The same rule applies to your situation. If you’re also considering the possibility of an illicit affair while you’re still seeing this other person, you might not be into the relationship, after all.

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