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Many people think that to be married and flirting is a crime against morality, marriage and all that it stands for. However, those who have walked down the aisle but refused to walk off the hot list know that flirting is a harmless and gratifying activity that must be kept up as much as possible. Many people have this notion that once you are off the market, you can finally let yourself go. It is precisely this way of thinking that leads men to stop going to the gym, stop paying attention to their clothes or even stop maintaining simple good hygiene. It is also this type of idea that causes married women to gain weight without getting worried and makes them think that they should not bother to get all dolled up anymore. In other words, this sort of thinking leads to failed marriages and extra marital affairs. On the other hand, if you were happily married and flirting, you can actually even enhance the quality of your marriage.

Some rules to remember

Flirting when you are single is an ordinary activity that has its own rules. However, when it comes to being married and flirting, these rules can drastically change. The first rule that you should remember is not to go too far. When single men and women flirt, they are usually looking to get a date or even a relationship with the person they’re flirting with. In some cases, their causal flirting is just foreplay to a one-night stand. Since you are already married, you have completely different goals in flirting. It’s okay to have some sexy eye contact with the waiter when you go out to dinner with your friends, but it may be going too far when you choose to snog with him in the back alley after his shift! Knowing your limits when flirting not only helps you respect your marriage but also the person you are flirting with. Imagine the distress and chaos you will cause if the person falls in love with you only to find out that you’re married.

Increase your value

When you’re married and flirting, you get to assure yourself that you still have it going and that you can still attract plenty of people. Nothing can give you a boost of confidence like a hot guy or girl dying to get your number. If you are flirting with your spouse’s knowledge, then you even get to hit two birds with one stone. For instance, why not chat up another guy while waiting for your husband to arrive at your dinner date. This will instantly let him know that you’re still in demand and that he’s lucky to have you.

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