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Traditional Or Internet-Dating
June 2, 2009
Romance Or Internet Love
July 1, 2009

When it comes to finding your perfect match, anything is possible. You never know when you’ll meet that one person who will complement your personality – that person who will be effortlessly in tune with your thoughts, and just feel “right” in every possible way. You can meet him on your way to the grocer, at the bar while you’re out with your friends, at the train station, even at your parents’ house. He can be a total stranger you just met at the coffee shop, or he can be that best friend you grew up with. That’s how things usually are with traditional dating.

But who always has the time for personal meet-ups or lazy lounges by the coffee shop when there are just so many things that need to be done? I don’t. And that was probably why internet dating worked well for me.

Why web dating is better

Just as with traditional dating, internet dating always starts with chance encounters but this time, the venue is the World Wide Web. Being mostly glued to the computer because of work, it became a convenient way of meeting new people and enjoying intelligent conversation without the pressure of looking physically good to the other person. While there’s still nothing like the person-to-person contact, internet dating offers a sturdy foundation for offline meet-ups. You already know the person you’re going to meet for coffee in a few weeks, at least up to some point. That beats the blind dates that your friends have so kindly set you up with based on a sometimes inaccurate perception of what type of guy would attract you the most.

Another good thing about internet dating is that it’s a less expensive way to meet interesting people. Let’s face it, when you have to meet somebody for a traditional date, you are always compelled to look your best. For me, that would mean getting new shoes, a new dress, and spending an hour or so trying to make myself presentable. I want to be at my best and that could cost more than time. With online dating, I can be in my pyjamas and nobody will mind. The guys I’m talking to either can’t see me, or can only see a nice picture of me.

On the other hand, this “anonymity” associated with internet dating can be somewhat risky. Being unable to see the guy you’re talking to makes it difficult to judge his personality. You can be talking to a weirdo or a pervert and you wouldn’t have a clue until you have talked to him for a long time.

But in retrospect, isn’t that the same with traditional dating?
Appearances may play a big role, but it is not enough. You cannot tell if a person is trustworthy just by looking at him. Dating as a whole has risks involved, particularly if you’re hooking up with somebody you barely know. Internet dating just makes you feel more compelled to know the person on a deeper level because you don’t have the benefit of physical contact to guide your instincts.

Stick to dating websites you can trust

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