There's something about illicit affairs that makes it so enticing for many people. Infidelity is unacceptable in many societies because of the moral and health issues associated with it. But if you look at it from another perspective, keeping people from playing around will actually drive them to do the deed because they know it's not allowed. Stringent social norms make affairs more prevalent in western society.

Polygamy is not uncommon. It has been practiced by many cultures for centuries. In fact, studies show that majority of the world's societies accept polygamous acts and there's only a small percent that are proponents of monogamy.

Keeping it simple

But even infidelity is bounded by certain guidelines. You will probably want to take note and follow these rules so you can minimize the risks of getting caught and facing the wrath of your partner later on. After all, while affairs are prevalent, you are still at risk of facing legal problems, not to mention emotional ones, in case you get caught playing with someone other than your husband or wife.

The use of technology

First of all, technology is a great way to manage your affairs but make sure that you practice caution when sending out messages through your Blackberry or your computer. You don't want your wife to receive that email that's supposed to be sent to your playmate. Keep your tracks covered and clear your browsing history when you have to use the computer at home. In fact, if it's possible, don't use your computer at home for your infidelity because this is a sure fire way to get yourself caught.

Don't make promises

Flings are just that, casual trysts that should not be promoted to full-blown commitments. Don't ever make promises that you can't keep. Better yet, don't make promises at all. If you have a lover who happens to be single, you don't want him or her to harbor the hope that you will leave your wife or husband for him or her. The excitement of infidelity stops when one of you starts expecting things that the other can't deliver. You have to keep things uncomplicated because you have more than enough emotional issues to deal with back home.

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