Illicit Affairs

These days, it’s relatively easier to engage in illicit affairs. Technology and changing work patterns make it possible for people to try getting into the excitement of an extramarital flirtation or even full-blown trysts. It’s basic human nature to tend to stray. It doesn’t really mean that you don’t love your partner. It probably means your body and your mind is looking for a little excitement because your life has become a boring monotony.

It’s not as bad as you think it is

According to surveys, more than fifty percent of respondents want to have illicit affairs. A person takes in a playmate or flirts around to add some spice into his life. There have been previous studies that found polygamous relations a factor in prolonging the life of males and in many cases, having the occasional fling also helps keep married couples together. Strange as it may seem, there are people who actually see benefits to seeing people outside of their marriages.

What is so interesting is that illicit affairs have become illicit mainly because of the dictates of western society. Adultery is a social taboo when in several different cultures around the world, the practice is widely accepted. A study found that males from polygamous cultures and nations are able to easily maintain longevity compared to their monogamous counterparts. It’s probably the excitement of breaking out of the monotony that’s keeping them alive. An affair can save a relationship because it underlines the need for improvement. There’s something wrong with your marriage if you feel tempted to have an affair. Many therapists find that it’s a wake-up call to the couple,a starting point so they can mend what needs to be repaired.

Before you pass judgement

Having the occasional fling is a way of life. What makes some people disapprove the practice may be rooted from the fact that these habits can also make sexually transmitted diseases and similar risks become more prevalent. If you’re looking to having an extramarital affair yourself, the idea is still to exercise caution. Even illicit affairs are bounded by certain guidelines that you may want to follow if you don’t want to get caught in a compromising situation.

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