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Large breasts, long legs, size 8 with model looks! But is this reality? Are men so simple that they all want that perfect woman or does it take more to really turn a man on? Every time you think you have men figured out, they’ll surprise you – dumping you and going out with a new partner who may be someone of average looks. So girlfriend what is it about us that really attracts him and keeps him coming back for more.

How You Look

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I guess for men it is their most primitive instinct linked to their urge to mate but what part does beauty play in this? Research has shown that men are naturally attracted to women not necessarily by their looks but more by their perceived view that the person is capable bearing children. Obviously we can not expect men to possess the skills to know if this is possible but in general terms, they are looking for their new partner to be healthy. So if you want to attract a partner you need to glow, eat well and look fertile. Yes, men love big breasts and shapely hips, which not all women have, but unfortunately, both are indications they one day you may be that perfect mother.

How You Smile

Men like to be with women who make them feel good, and when you smile you’re telling him that you like him. Being with a person who has a great body may be his dream but if she has a poker (excuse the pun) face she will make him miserable. There is nothing better than a dazzling smile backed up by good dental hygiene is another signal that you’re healthy. Men consistently rate a great smile and a pretty face over a smoking hot body!

Eye Contact

Good eye contact as with a smile shows that you are confident and interested. Break the ice with that sneaky look then back that up with a beaming smile. I heard an expert once say that you should use the rule of 3. Catch his attention with a look, if he looks again use the smile and when he looks again to get your coat because you have pulled!

Your smell

Often underrated but you’re the most attractive when you smell fertile. Men being the animals that they are will be attracted by your smell or conversely instantly put off. If you smell fresh and inviting the chances are that he will just want to nestle into the comfort of your body and stay there all night. I won’t go into detail but again research has shown that women give off a natural smell from the time between the first day of menstruation and of ovulation. So bottle it and you will be fighting them off

Finally Your Personality

Some would say this is the most important asset you can have although I have put it at the bottom of my list because normally you have to attract your male before he can get to know your personality. Sorry for yet another quote… a very short, not that attractive film star when asked how he managed to pull so many beautiful women said: “I made them laugh all the way to my bed”.  So be happy, be attentive, be interesting and above all be natural.

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