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If you’re thinking of cheating, you are not alone. Many people in marriages and relationships may never admit to even thinking about cheating, but you can bet they do. But before you even go out and fulfill your illicit encounters fantasy, make sure you know how to cover your tracks. Here are some tips on making sure you can cheat without getting caught.

1. Don’t do it in the house you share with your spouse or significant other. It may seem exciting to have extra marital affairs on your bed, but unless you want to get caught, you should never ever do this! Your spouse may find your lover’s hair on the pillows, or may smell your lover’s scent on the sheets. It’s just a bad idea. Get a motel room.

2. If you want to cheat in your car, do not forget to push the seat back to the position it was when your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend last sat on it. If the seat is leaning back, is pushed too far back, or pushed very close to the dashboard (because you were busy at the back), your spouse will suspect something and ask you else you had in the car.

3. Never bring your lover to places you bring your spouse to. There are plenty of restaurants and hotels, so please pick another one.

4. Don’t leave evidence, most people get caught in affairs because their spouse goes through their phone log and email logs. So always delete flirty texts and messages and always clear your call history. You can leave a few innocent-sounding messages in there so your spouse doesn’t suspect that you are covering your tracks. If you are sharing a computer with your spouse, always log out and delete history when you’re done.

5. Spend the same amount of time with your spouse as you did before. This way, he or she does not suspect that you are busy with something else.

6. Finally, wear protection. Adult Dating without a condom may get you into a lot of medical trouble. You may catch a disease and even pass it on to your spouse. That’s the messiest way to get caught cheating, so don’t even risk it. Wear a condom and be safe.

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