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Is Flirting Being Unfaithful
February 28, 2010
Casual Affairs
Bit On The Side
March 11, 2010

A cautionary tale was received this week about a married mans experience of finding an illicit encounter.

Bored by the monotony of his day to day life Mr X had always wondered what it would be like to have an extra marital affair. He had tried the normal office flirting in an effort to get some interest but apart from a very brief fumble at a Christmas party he was a bit on the side virgin.

So having heard about adult dating sites he decided to sign up and see what was available. He put together a profile careful not to give too much away, assumed a false name, a false address and even a disguised photo. If he did find a play mate he could always exchange pictures at a later date.

The process started and soon Mr X found that there were a number of females that wanted uncomplicated sex with no strings attached. After a couple of months of non committal winks and emails one particular girl took his fancy. Wow was his first impression 27, blonde and her profile picture looked as if it belonged in playboy magazine and best of all she had winked at him first.

Over the next couple of weeks Mr X communicated regularly with Zoe each time the tone becoming more suggestive and explicit.  He wanted her desperately she had sent him more pictures of her in various states of undress with enough covered to make his imagination work over time.

Then came the proposition, she wanted to meet him and suggested a rather swanky hotel in London. Just like something off the movies Zoe suggested he get a room and txt her the number.

Over the next seven days Mr X then began the process of deception in an effort to convince his wife that he was staying away on business the following week. He even enrolled the help of a work colleague to ring up and drop the fact into conversation with his wife. It was perfect his wife suspected nothing all he could think about was a night of sex with a complete stranger.

Arriving early Wednesday evening he checked into the hotel suite, purchased a bottle of expensive champagne and forwarded the room number. She replied instantly.

8 o’clock and a knock on the door, this was going to be the best night of his life. Like a nervous school boy on a first date he inched towards the door and started the reveal. What happened next took him by complete surprise the sudden pain from a blow to the face caused him to fall backwards. All he could see was stars but as they started to clear the horror of the situation was all to real as there standing over him was his wife.

The moral of this story is clear an illicit affair sounds great but you must be careful. On this occasion Mr X had not shut his laptop down correctly and his wife gained access to his open account details.

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