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September 3, 2009
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September 9, 2009

If you’re going to have a mistress, understand that it’s going to cost you. And by this we mean in the form of hard cash. You have to prepare to spend a lot on extramarital affairs if you want to keep the excitement going. Here are just a few of the many expenditures that you should expect to incur for a year of keeping an adultery affair.


You can’t possibly spend most of your time in bed. If she’s not into concerts and clubbing – or at least not into those that are too expensive to get into, you will have to purchase passes to big shows a few times within the year. The problem is that you don’t want to be caught in your illicit encounter so while you probably want good seats, it’s also important to get those that will not get you seen.


To keep your illicit affairs a secret, you will have to meet up in places far from your home. You will have to go on the occasional ‘business trip’ so you can get together in public. This will mean spending for the extra ‘executive assistant’ or ‘consultant’ for your next out-of-town trip.

For transportation, you will have to stop using your parents’ car. This means getting another vehicle registered to an LLC that you and your mistress can use. You can also just take the cab but don’t forget the tip to make sure that the driver didn’t see anything. For your bit on the side encounter, you really have to take a car, regardless of who is driving. Your mistress may not enjoy a bus pass even as a joke.


Of course, adult affairs require the steady stream of presents to keep your mistress happy. Affairs are never complete without the purchase of impractical merchandise. This isn’t just a matter of whether your little friend likes her gifts to come with hefty price tags. It’s actually more of how often you have to give her some token or another. Jewelry is the most common present that you can buy for her but understand that this is not even limited to baubles. Before you know it, your infidelity has already cost you enough to buy a whole department store, and the home section as well.

Beauty treatments

She will have to look good because you will want her to look good. This being the case, expect to finance her salon and spa treatments as well. And before you complain that she can get the same relaxing treatment by doing it herself at home, understand that anything you say to refute this can lead to the end of your exciting extra marital affair. So if you want to keep the adult dating going, just keep your mouth shut and pay up.

Damage control

And yes, in the event that your wife finds out what you’ve been doing on the side, you have to be prepared to appease her or incur her wrath. Presents, trips out of town and extra attention will probably get your suspicious wife’s mind to rest although take care not to overdo it because she’ll get even more suspicious.

So next time you think of having extramarital affairs make sure that your bank account can handle the stress because you wouldn’t be able to sustain the thrill otherwise.

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