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September 1, 2010
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September 7, 2010

Whether you are the wife or the other woman having illicit encounter with somebody’s husband, you need to learn etiquette for mistresses. You need to know how to conduct yourself and act accordingly as a mistress. Here is an overview of some important points about how you should carry yourself when having extramarital affairs.

  • Know your place. You are a mistress involved in infidelity with a married man, which means you are not his wife. He may tell you he loves you more than he could ever love his wife but do not take that seriously because in essence, men are very good liars.
  • Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, Christmas, and the man’s birthday should be given up because the man is entitled to spend those days with his wife and family, not you.
  • Never patronise a place of business that his wife is likely to frequent such as her favourite salon, jewellery store, clothing boutique, or spa. Also, avoid going to the same church where she hears mass.
  • Avoid your man’s driver (if he has one) but become friends with the secretary—unless you are his secretary. Whether you are the wife or the mistress, you can treat the secretary as a source of information on where your man is going and who he is with.
  • When having a marital affair, don’t call him. Also, being seen together in public is always risky. Because you are engaging in forbidden love, it should be hidden from prying eyes. Be discreet in your relationship. Never complain about anything. Do not travel with him. Never ask him for any money.
  • Do not badmouth the wife and do not believe it whenever he is ranting about his wife to you.
  • Remember that his wife has friends who could spy on you, so it also makes sense that you should have your own friends and spies. Still, do not take a chaperone while you are on a date with your man because they may blab.
  • Send the man home if he has been hanging around your place for too long a time already.
  • Never make an enemy out of your man’s children.
  • Never cry in front of him and use your tears as a way to make him stay with you. Wives cry and they nag, so as a mistress on an illicit encounter, you do not want to do that.
  • Stop thinking that you will be his wife someday.
  • If you are a mistress, you only have half a life while the man who has you is living a double life. Get a career or take up a hobby to keep you busy.
  • Do not give him gifts.
  • If you are doubtful, just leave him.

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