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September 10, 2010
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March 4, 2011

If you type in the term free sex into any of the major search engines the results you get are varied to say the least. Traditionally this term was dominated by companies within the adult entertainment industry but recently there are new kids on the block…adult dating sites.

So what does free sex mean, what are you looking for and how easy is it to find it?

If you look at the average adult dating site today the main motivation to join is to find likeminded people who are not afraid of confessing in intimate details what they are looking for. Their drive is predominately sex and plenty of it but not necessarily with the same person what they are seeking is uncomplicated sex with no strings attached. Having made the assumption that we can find sex on these adult sites is it actually Free Sex.

To answer this our first consideration has to be the alternatives that do involve paying for sex and we all know what this is. In The Secret Diary’s Of A Call Girl, Billy Piper plays a high class prostitute satisfying the needs of men from all back grounds. Now I am sure that some men have experiences of drunken stag do’s in Amsterdam, some have may be able to recount tails similar to Belle de jure…..the rest will be a fantasy. One thing is certain this is not free sex quite the opposite I am sure it can turn out rather expensive.

So a call girl is not an option so where else can I look for free sex..well I could adopt the traditional approach to dating and seek encounters in pubs, clubs etc but here is the catch. I for one never had the type of face where a beautiful girl would drag be off for unbridled passion. I have always had to work for it and that normally meant at the very least providing copious amounts of alcohol or an expensive meal, hardly free sex.

So we have gone full circle back to the adult dating sites and I can confirm that they work. I have had nights where I have met up with girls first for a few drinks, I have even spent quite a bit of money on a couple of dates but I have also had my share of free sex.

Values may have changed for some for better of for worse but in my experience consenting adults know what they want and some do not want the complications of relationships. The transaction is free agreed by both parties and long may it continue

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