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Over the last 12 weeks Affairs and Dating have been busy analysing the traffic to our site. Questions we wanted to answer were how our members are finding our site, what search terms are they using, what is the most popular search engine and even what geographical area has generated the most members. Yes Ok, we looked at the balance between Male and Female members.

After a bit of brain storming in the office we came up with what we believed were the top methods of locating Affairs and Dating:

1.    Internet Search Engines using Dating terms
2.    Recommendations
3.    Media advertising
4.    Dating Blogs or Dating Forums
5.    Other Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter etc

Search engines – Most Popular Dating Search Terms

With the help of a nifty piece of software we first looked at the most popular terms that people may use to locate a preferred dating site. We had intended to define this by search engine but the “intelligent” one in the office said that 85% of people use Google, so we decided not to bother.
After a bit more brainstorming and the help of our gizmo we were not surprised to see that the most popular search term was “dating”. What did shock us however was the amount of searches that people in the UK conducted using that term; in excess of 30 million. Considering there is only 60 million people in the UK that is a whole lot of people looking for a date. Next on the list of most number of searches came “London Dating” with just over 4 million then numbers seemed to drop away with terms like “Gay Dating”, “Soul Mates, “illicit Encounters” each providing in excess of 100,00 visits per month. So our conclusion was get to page 1 of Google with the term dating and you are on the road to success…watch this space!


Any business who is serious about marketing must embrace opportunities provided by personal referrals. If someone has received a good service and they can pass on their own dating success story then the chances are they will tell their friends. At Affairs and Dating we whole heartedly encourage this by providing membership incentives to those who recommend a friend to adult dating.

Media Advertising

Without a doubt any form of exposure is positive however this must be balanced against the return on investment. Plus advertising a company that promotes adult affairs and encourages people to seek adult fun and not to be monogamous would probably not win favour on prime time TV/Radio. So you will not be surprised to hear that we will not be venturing into main stream media publications.

Dating Blogs and Dating Forums

We love these and take every opportunity to enter into meaty discussions on all sorts of forums discussing all aspects of dating. Not only are they a great chance to meet likeminded people but they are also a great source of advise. Clever use of analytics tells companies how individuals arrive on sites and more importantly where they come from. Thank you to one of our main competitors in the online dating world. If only you knew how many of our members start off looking at your site. On the subject of dating forums Affairs and Dating will soon be launching our own blog so I hope to read your comments soon. If you cant wait and want to keep track of all news articles submitted sign up for our RSS feed.

Social Bookmarking

Like dating blogs and forums creating a profile of the likes of Facebook and Twitter will obviously increase your exposure and drive traffic to your site. Our twitter account went live only a couple of weeks ago and already we have seen members finding our site via this medium. So time permitting we will try to keep this updated.

Dating Demographics

Back to the nifty bit of software again produced some interesting results. Not sure what to read into the stats, does living in these areas mean you have a high sex drive or are more likely to have an affair. Or is it simply that more people live in the major cities that aside our top 5 member dating hotspots are:

1.    London
2.    Birmingham
3.    Manchester
4.    Glasgow
5.    Milton Keynes

If you are the member who lives in Margate, what are you doing, can’t you recommend some friends in your area. You are our only Margate member congratulations x (unless you are a man then good on ya mate)

Male v Female Ratio

Finally what is the percentage of members based on gender? Well this is not always as straight forward as it seems but based on numbers then yes men are more likely to join dating sites  in the ratio of about 60:40. That said, the feedback we receive from our female members shows that this is an advantage as choice = more fun!!

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