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One night stands, casual sex, friends with benefits, F Buddies these are the dating trends. In an age when everything is disposable (from utensils to mobile phones), it is not surprising that sexual partners can also be swapped so easily. Conservative generations frown upon this hookup culture, but to the majority of liberated adults and teens, it’s the long-awaited hassle free alternative to the often messy dating and relationships scene.

Fuck buddies let you get all the sex you want without the baggage and responsibility of full-on affairs. If you are interested in finding a “buddy” but still confused? Then you need to read this guide. We’ll tell you everything you need to know in navigating the casual sex dating world.

What exactly is a “F Buddy”?

Sexual partners who do each other on a regular basis but do not have the usual emotional attachments of the traditional boyfriend/girlfriend set up are f buddies.  To have a F Buddy means to have someone you can use purely for sexual gratification, usually a booty call or quickie. This “no attachment” system is usually an open affair – that is, each partner is allowed to seek relationships with others.

Should you get an F Buddy?

Only you can tell whether or not this type of relationship is right for you. Being (or not being) an F Buddy is a very personal decision. Among the great things about no strings dating is that you can enjoy the thrill of having a passionate fling with a person that you might not normally date, but would like to “try.”  By being open to becoming an F Buddy, you can hook up with someone with whom you have nothing in common except incredible sexual chemistry. Because having an F Buddy can often feel like having an illicit affair, you get to feel a little naughty, play out your fantasies, and cut loose from your usual world.

What happens when the passion fizzles out?

Like anything disposable, your F Buddy may soon become boring in your eyes. Sex becomes routine, and you want out. To avoid any complications towards the end of this short, no-strings affair, set your limits from the very start. Be clear about what you want, what you can provide, and what you cannot provide. Talk openly about your expectations to avoid misunderstandings. Many f buddies stay friends. Some even become f buddies for life. It really depends on your perspective. If you feel any kind of weirdness, don’t force the friendship. You have enough friends, anyway.

When is it time to get out?

The whole point of having a F Buddy is to have fun. When the relationship starts to make you feel used or abused, it’s time to say goodbye.  Sadly, many people who go into no-strings dating are selfish and immature. Once you see signs of this on your partner, get out the door. Put an end to the affair, no matter how good the sex is.

What if you fall in love?

The biggest flaw of the F Buddy system is that it involves two human beings who have feelings – and in anything that involves the exchange of bodily fluids, emotions play a part. What if only you fall in love with your F Buddy but he/she does not reciprocate? The best thing to do is to be honest about it. For all you know, your partner might be feeling something for you, too. And if there’s really nothing there, at least you can move on. Never deny your feelings, or you will just feel jealous and betrayed when you see your F Buddy with someone else.

Staying safe

There’s nothing safer than a loving, monogamous relationship, but if this type of set up is too boring for you, then follow your instincts and get a F Buddy. Just be sure that you protect yourself not just from the potential emotional pain that an abrupt end to the relationship might cause, but also from sexually transmittable diseases that may be passed on to you.
Condoms are still the best form of protection from almost all STD’s. Insist on using one. Keep in mind that when you have sex with your F Buddy, you are also – technically – having sex with all his/her other partners, and that these other partners might be carrying diseases. A condom is not 100% full proof, but is one of the best defences against deadly conditions like AIDS, to name a few.

Where do I find a F Buddy?

You can probably meet a willing F Buddy through friends of friends, but if you want to get out of your usual circle, go on line. Dating sites like Affairs and provide sections for people who are looking for casual dating in particular. Here you’ll meet many like-minded individuals who want no-strings dating, just like you.

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