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September 7, 2010
Adult Affairs
Married but looking for an affair
September 7, 2010

Regardless of the reason, extramarital affairs are inexcusable for a lot of people. In fact, your own mother may disown you if she ever found out you were involved in extramarital affairs. That’s why it’s important that if you’re going to see somebody on the side, you learn how to cover your tracks. Here are some things for you to keep in mind:

  • Don’t forget your wedding ring – Walking into your front door without your wedding ring is a dead giveaway that you’re seeing someone else. Saying that you lost it won’t help either because then you’d have to deal with another kind of emotional harassment, plus this might cause your spouse to be suspicious that you’re having extramarital affairs. You can keep your wedding ring inside your wallet during one of your secret meetings if your new lover doesn’t know you’re married. Just don’t forget to put it back on when you’re done for the day and are ready to come home.
  • Watch your messages – Create a different email account you can use to send your new lover messages, especially if you’re going to do this from home. It’s handy to use the same email service provider that your spouse knows you’ve been using for years so if they suddenly walk in on you, they won’t really notice that you’re using a different account. Don’t save your usernames and passwords either! Saved forms is a convenient feature, yes, but it will also get you into trouble sooner. If you’re sending instant messages from your home computer, make sure that your instant messenger doesn’t save your messages into the computer. The same goes for SMS messages and calls. Delete everything that came from your new lover or better yet, use a different mobile phone for communicating with them. Those pay-as-you-go types work best, they’re cheap and untraceable.
  • Be safe – If you get someone pregnant or you get pregnant, that’s the end of keeping your extramarital affairs secret. Always use condoms but be careful. If your wife is on the pill, for instance, she’ll be suspicious if you’re suddenly keeping condoms with you.

Let the fun begin

Extramarital affairs will not give you nods of approval. However, Affairs and Dating understands that there are instances wherein affairs are sometimes the only solution. That’s why if you’re going to do it, we want to make sure that you have the best experience possible. After completing registration, you are given access to your personal profile page, that you can customize to include whatever attributes you feel will best represent you. Subscribing to the service also gives you access to live searches, member messaging (live winks if you’re playing coy or are just too shy to create a message upfront), and even astrological matching to find out what the stars are saying. We also have a stories section you can check out to find out what other people have been up to. Registered under the laws of England, is operated by the Global Personals Limited.

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