Extra Marital Affairs

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that few can actually stay true to, so it's not surprising to learn about the prevalence of extramarital affairs even when they are frowned on by conservative groups. Having multiple romantic relationships or having an affair outside one's marriage is against the social norm, but many people still do it, and for understandable reasons.

The practice of polygamy

Did you know that many societies still find having extramarital affairs acceptable? There are actually 1231 recognized societies in the world and of these, only 186 are monogamous where polygamy is banned or considered a social taboo. The others are known to practice various forms of polygamy. Considering the majority of societies that accept the practice, it seems that people have already decided that wanting to be with someone else to spice up an existing relationship or break the monotony of marriage is but normal. Perhaps it's only prudish thinking that finds this behavior unacceptable.

What makes them attractive?

You have to admit - staying with just one person for the rest of your life is a difficult choice. Even when you do love each other, there will be instances, lots of them,  when you will find the mere sight of your other half quite annoying to the point that your eyes will stray to a more interesting sight just to make life more exciting. It doesn't necessarily mean that you love your wife or husband less because you're thinking of extramarital affairs. Most people just want to experience something. Who knows? An affair may even benefit your marriage.

Meeting other people

People are social animals. They have to be in touch with other people that have the same interests as them. Flirting around is also normal because this is a way through which two people of the same wavelength interact. Yes, flirting can lead to extramarital affairs in the long run but it doesn't necessarily have to go there. If you want to meet people and have uncomplicated fun, yet you're not yet into the idea of having an affair, you can go ahead and do so with the help of a reputable online dating site.

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