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Erin's Personal Profile.

Age: 23 Looking For: A serious Relationship

Not much to kno really! am pretty normal... most of the time as those who know me will know an those who dont WHY THE HELL NOT?? lol(you sure you really want to???)Ave got a serious obsession with cars got CIVIC woohooo.

Jessica's Personal Profile.

Age: 23 Looking For: A serious Relationship

ok...about me, i`m young free and single that`s for sure! new to this sort of thing, looking for a man that is potentially older, (and when i say older i`m not talking golden oldies so sorry now is the time to walk away...unless ofcourse you look like brad pitt ,then we may be able to negociate )someone that can stimulate me both mentally and physically.I love laughing,i`m not looking for anything serious. i consider myself to be intelligent and a little bit of a freak at times both in and out of the bedroom. send me a message and we`ll see where it goes from there ;) oh and another thing... messaging me something along the lines of " sup bbes u iz bare fit wna fuk?" is not going to get you anywhere. and if your profile picture is one of a cock, or even a bloody woman sucking your cock (i have seen several) then i don`t think we`re going to "gel". (i`m not interested in having sex with married men, or couples . i dont eat pussy. i like cock. if i was ever to indulge in a 3some it would not be with you and your girlfriend. sorry ;)