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October 24, 2009
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Unemployment can be one of the most stressful moments in a man’s life. It can influence practically every part of his life, and that includes his relationships and his dating exploits. This kind of stress has the ability to shatter even the sturdiest of relationships and while men hope that their partners will actually help them through this particular phase in their lives, it’s not uncommon for them to also feel that having someone else to worry about is just making their situation worse. So how do you handle dating and unemployment? Here are some strategies and dating tips to help you out.

Stop moping

Moping over the loss of your job will not do you any good. Get your act together and do something about your situation. Your partner may be able to stand a week or two with you just moaning about your life but after that, you have to start picking up the pieces of your career or watch her and the rest of your dating life go out the door. If you still need to talk about it after over analyzing the situation with your partner, seek out another adult contact or a friend to hear you out so your girlfriend doesn’t have to listen to your complaints for the nth time.

Stick to your schedule

You’re unemployed, not on holiday. Try to stick to your normal routine by waking up and leaving with your partner as you would every morning when you were still working. Getting out of the house will increase your productivity and get you motivated to sort things out again. This will also maintain a level of normalcy in your life. Go to a nearby coffee shop and peruse your job listings there. Consider looking for a job as an actual full-time job.

Don’t wait at home all the time

One of the best dating tips that you should remember in the midst of unemployment is to never let your girlfriend always find you sprawled on the couch when she gets home from work in the afternoon. Even if you’ve had a full day and you really spent your time looking, the fact that you’re home earlier than she is all the time will only look like you’re just slacking off.

Accept her help

Sometimes, it’s better to accept the assistance of an adult contact or your girlfriend when it comes to dealing with unemployment. It’s easy to get defensive when it’s your girlfriend who’s helping you find a job but it’s better to just get over your pride. It will turn out to be more constructive than destructive in the long run because you’ll have another person thinking about how to get your career back on track again.

Unemployment and dating for most men can be quite troublesome especially when they are put together. But understand that better days will be on the horizon. After all, when you’re down, there’s no other way to go but up. So don’t make your dating life suffer just because you’re out of a job. Do something.

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