I found love online
December 19, 2008

Guard your identity, don’t share your real name, phone number or address with anyone until you are comfortable to do so and don’t detail your personal information on your profile.

Use a current picture, and always be accurate in your description. Failure to do so can cause angry feelings and relationships ending before they begin.

Go with your instinct, if you feel threatened or unsure, terminate all correspondence immediately.

Get as many details, before you meet for the first time.

Be wary of someone acting strangely, if they always have to rush off or speak in hushed tones, they may not be as honest as you think.

Always guard your financial details, do not give out any financial details or give in to anyone asking for donations.

Always meet in public, when meeting for the first time, never meet in a private place.

Tell a friend, when meeting someone, tell a friend or family member and arrange to call them at a certain time.

Stay sober, drinking can impair your ability and your judgement, stick to soft drinks.

Always take a mobile with you, call someone or emergency services if you feel threatened.

Don’t let your date pick you up, keep your address a secret until you feel comfortable, take a taxi.

Don’t leave personal belongings or drinks unattended, keep personal details on you at all times and never finish a drink you have left unattended.

Don’t take first dates home, or go to your dates home, even if you feel tempted, keep the first date in a public place.

Do stay in a hotel, if meeting someone long distance and keep your hotel information private.

Take taxis to and from airports, don’t get into a private vehicle with your date.

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