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October 5, 2009
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October 12, 2009

There’s a certain thrill associated with meeting someone in person for the first time. But even in the midst of the excitement, you should always remember to be on guard especially when you’re dating someone you only know through on-line dating sites.

Here are 12 dating tips that can help you out:

1.    Arrange a meeting place.

Never let your date pick you up at home. In fact, it’s dangerous for your adult contacts on the internet to even know your address.

2.    Meet your date in a public place.

For first time encounters, you want to meet your date in a place where there are other people around. It’s also a good idea to go local dating with a group, or perhaps a double date with friend.

3.    Go Dutch.

While it is common practice for the guy to foot the bill for your date, there are some men who tend to expect something in return for the gesture. It’s probably best to go Dutch on the first date. This way, you don’t have to feel compelled or pressured even to return the favour.

4.    Alcohol can hinder proper judgment.

When adult dating, particularly on the first time, you shouldn’t drink too much alcohol. In fact, if you can help it, don’t drink at all. If you must take liquor, take it in moderation and keep your drink in sight at all times.

5.    Get to the meeting place on your own.

It’s best to provide your own mode of transport when casual dating. In addition, make sure that your car has enough gas so you don’t have to find yourself hitching a ride with your date later on.

6.    Don’t assume that your date is safe.

Never let your guard down particularly when it comes to first encounters. Never assume that the guy you’re with is harmless just because he claims to be a gentleman or he’s religious.

7.    Don’t give him your address.

If you’re interested in taking the relationship beyond casual dating, simply arrange for a second date but don’t tell him where you live just yet.

8.    Stay away from secluded areas.

It’s best to stay in public places for your first date. Don’t go to secluded places like parks.

9.    Trust your instincts.

If something just doesn’t feel right, there’s a big chance that it isn’t. If this is the first time you’re dating in person and something doesn’t stick right in your gut, better leave immediately.

10.    Let somebody know your whereabouts.

When you’re meeting adult contacts for the first time, it’s best to let someone, a friend or a relative, know where you will be with and who you are meeting. It’s also a good idea to arrange a particular time for him or her to call to check in with you.

11.    It’s safer to give your date your mobile phone number.

12.    Be alert at all times.

Even when you’re enjoying the night, make sure that you’re always on guard the whole time. Keep your cell phone with you.

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