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August 2, 2017
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I’m Anna, 32 years old. I have the kind of life that many envy because I seem to have it all. I’m married to a wonderful man who earns more than enough that I don’t really need to work. I have two children who I dote on and we all live in the suburbs, in a typical family home with the white picket fence.

Yes, it may seem that I have it made. My husband’s thriving business allows me and my family to experience a comfortable life. I got married at a young age, straight out of school, so you can probably say that being a housewife was the only occupation I ever knew and thankfully, I’m quite good at it.

My days are mostly spent being mum and wife, feeding hubby and the kids, and keeping house. Everything is just perfect.

But the problem with “perfect” is that it gets boring. Because I married early, I never really experienced what it was like to have fun. After sending the kids to school, my husband to the office and sorting out the daily chores, I still have a lot of time to spare within the day before all hell breaks lose again at the arrival of my children from school in the afternoon. My husband is always busy with work so he tends to stay out late. We still have sex occasionally but things are not the same since having the kids. And it’s not even like we have ever been adventurous in that respect. If I ever have to describe what sex with my husband is like, it would have to be straightforward. It was good and all but sometimes, I find myself wanting something more exciting than the usual. It simply wasn’t enough that I was faking orgasms more frequently than ever.

Internet was probably heaven’s gift to bored housewives like me. I started lurking around the web a few years ago. Everything started innocently enough I used to go online for emails, shopping and the like. Last year, I stumbled into this odd chatroom and then found myself getting directed to Affairs and Dating and I haven’t moved anywhere since then.

The site was great; I realized that I’m not the only person within a fifty-mile radius of my home who has too much time in her hands. I met new and interesting friends. Some of them live in the same area while many are from other cities. The conversations shocked me at first but after a while I’ve grown to enjoy my time online. Most of the stuff that people asked was really naughty. Some were outright in their desire to play around in person.

At the back of my mind, I knew that there was probably something wrong with what I was doing. But I was having the time of my life. When I’m on the site, I forget that I’m just a housewife. To the men that I get to talk to, I’m sexy, attractive and desirable.

At first, I was only there to kill time with innocent cyber flirting. After a while, things got naughtier that on the days when my kids are at school and my husband is at work, I took to playing with myself while chatting with a favourite ‘friend’ on the website.

This particular guy is probably one of the first people I met through Affairs and Dating. I still didn’t know much about him and frankly, I didn’t really care that much. All I knew was that he was funny and charming and naughty all at the same time. He looked through my profile on the site and obviously he loved what he saw so we got to talking. It just started with casual chats about how boring life has been until we got to ‘experimenting’ to make our lives just a little bit exciting.

So while everyone was out of the house for the day, I chatted with this guy who lives miles away. It’s so interesting how simple words can be such a turn on. He got naughtier and naughtier through the course of our chats. Most of the time, he made me do things that I wouldn’t even dare think about. I don’t know where he gets his ideas from but they worked. I can’t even count the many times I got off just by the way he talks and from the suggestions on how I should touch myself to enjoy this few hours of ‘playtime.’ He got me to chat with him naked. At some point, he even dared me to go through my household chores in the nude, which I refused as my neighbours will probably get a heart attack if they saw me through the windows with nothing but skin.

All of this transpired without my husband or my children ever noticing a thing.

That was probably the most exciting part. My husband never got a clue that I was being a naughty housewife while he was away at work. It’s like I was living two different lives and while I loved my family to distraction, I looked forward to my secret adventures in the chatroom while they are away.

Sadly, my favourite cyber friend had to move to another place and I didn’t hear from him since then for some reason. So now, I’m left, hanging around Affairs and Dating, waiting for the next exciting man to help me get through each boring day as a housewife.

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