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September 3, 2009
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September 9, 2009

Cheating these days has never been easier what with the advent of different tools to make the illicit encounter possible. There are a lot of hook up websites that offer services for extra marital affairs and they will even give you tips on how you can keep your current partner in the dark about your casual fling.

Then there is the fact that divorce has also lost its social stigma. No one cares if you get divorced these days. While cheating didn’t really cause that – at least, not directly – it is something that has worked in favour of the cheater. What is more interesting is that illicit affairs are no longer activities that are largely common among men. Even ladies, bored housewives, in particular, are indulging in affairs these days.

If you get caught straying, it isn’t such a big deal any more. While adultery is still considered a criminal offence in some states, the punishments are but expectations and not rules. The worst that you can get in consequence to having a bit on the side is more on the moral aspect – something that isn’t even a priority for cheaters in the first place.

Here are some of the interesting facts that you probably don’t know about cheating.

Women have a higher predisposition to cheat when ovulating

Cheating in women doesn’t seem to be a random event. During ovulation, women feel sexier and are more apt to be more particular with their appearance. This fact makes sense considering that in order to propagate; she has to be at her most flirtatious and fertile at the same time. Studies show that female fertility is directly linked to a heightened interest in males.

When it comes to cheating, men are better

Men are still leaders when it comes to cheating. They tend to do better at infidelity than women probably because of the insecurity that men have to deal with in the battle of the sexes. Unhealthy doses of jealousy and suspicion in males have also led to a higher tendency of being better at keeping the casual flings and extramarital affairs.

Cheating is not clearly defined

Interestingly, while cheating and infidelity have been around for centuries, there are no direct definitions on what constitutes the act. The variety in definition has also led to increasing cases of adultery affairs. Researchers, clinicians and even couples find it difficult to agree on which set of behaviours constitute cheating.

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