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August 15, 2017
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People have different views when it comes to the topic of casual sex and/or casual dating. The operative term “casual” can have varied definitions, mainly because of the huge role that emotions tend to play in most relationships. People tend to change their perception of the issue as they continue to experience new things.

Casual dating is the new norm

Your perception and feelings towards physical intimacy may be influenced by several factors including your morals, the kind of society that you belong to and even your religious affiliation. But regardless of which of these factors greatly affect your personal beliefs, it’s important to determine exactly how you feel because this will play a huge role in your dating life and how you choose your potential suitors.

These days, singles are provided with a variety of options when it comes to dating and meeting new people. They have more freedom to choose how their dating lives will go but the variety tends to make the act of choosing a bit tricky in some cases. In the UK, for instance, the general view on casual sex and/or casual dating among singles is usually influenced by various aspects such as parents, the media, peers, religion, physical impulses and personal plans among others. A look into the user forums at Affairs and Dating will give you a glimpse of how singles in the UK actually perceive casual intimacy these days.

Information on the topic can come from a number of venues so it’s not at all surprising that some individuals find that their views on the issue constantly changing.

Are you up for it?

To determine how you feel about casual encounters, you need to learn how to identify certain types of emotions or impulses and separate them from one another. For instance, love and lust, in some cases, may go together but one is not necessarily “nothing” without the other.

It’s also important to remember that this is your own decision. People around you are bound to have varied ideas and opinions on your own perception but you shouldn’t let these influences make you feel compelled to choose a decision or direction that you are not comfortable with. At the end of the day, you only have yourself to please.

Arriving at a decision usually isn’t so difficult when you give yourself time to ponder on the issue of casual dating. But once you meet another person and you find yourself attracted to this individual, your views tend the change a lot. If you lack the right amount of confidence, you can even find yourself being pushed from one direction to the next even when you don’t necessarily agree with the path that your dating life is taking you.

If you are not sure about casual dating..

If you’re still uncertain about how you feel about casual intimacy, a good way to handle this dilemma is to map out the reasons why you may be for or against the idea. This will help you understand your feelings so you can also set standards for the kind of person you want to date or be intimate with later on. You can use buffers such as the approval of close friends or a predetermined dating period if you’re worried that you might find yourself being led along by your hormones.

Regardless of what you think about casual dating and sex, it is important to express this belief and be confident in it. You do not have to broadcast your sexual preferences to every potential lover but it would be best to express your intentions at the right time.

In some cases, the decision on whether to embrace casual sex or stay away from it comes early in life. There are others, however, who are opting for this mode of dating for a change. When you know more about your sexual preferences, it’s easier to enforce your beliefs and make sure that your partner understands and respects them. This intimate decision is something that you have to make on your own but it’s wise to hear out what people close to you have to say about it as well. Consider their wisdom but don’t let their beliefs direct your own.

One the one hand, our social construct tends to consider people who have particular sexual preferences as those who live on the extreme. An individual is faced with the risk of being treated to a variety of insults based on the fact that he is more accommodating of casual sex and dating. But people who opt to share this intimacy when in love are also met with insults from cynics in this area.

But at the end of the day, the decision will be made by you and no one else. There’s no one who can and should dictate the path that you will follow when it comes to dating. Similarly, you are the only one who is accountable in the event that your path changes.

Date like-minded people

It’s important to note that sexual intimacy is an act that you should enjoy more than anything else. You may have to be responsible about your actions and always consider safety issues but the decision of when to do it and with whom is entirely your call. Always be attentive to your feelings because this is a great way to learn more about yourself. Don’t worry; you are bound to find people who share your beliefs in various venues both locally and through Affairs and Dating.

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