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September 26, 2009
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Competition for attention among various internet dating sites has become even more intense these days as more people are warming up to the idea of on-line dating and the use of web-based dating services. The competition has become so intense that there even people who are lying or even posting outdated photos so they can attract adult contacts.

It’s important to be honest when it comes to building your profile. You don’t want to get scammed in the same way that you don’t want to meet new contacts under false pretences. Here are three tips on internet dating profiles that you want to keep in mind.

Lay off on the negative talk.

If you’ve ever gone on a date in which the other person just spent the whole time complaining about work, colleagues, his or her life, etcetera, then you know how it feels to be on the receiving end of such negativity. This is a total turn off even with dating site profiles. For instance, when writing your intro, don’t voice out your hesitations or the bad feedback that you may have received from internet dating sites. People who have a more positive outlook in life are the most attractive. So remove the lines in your profile that start with “I hate” and replace them with “I love” or “I enjoy.”

Be unique.

Stay away from the typical when talking about yourself. Practically half of the whole internet dating community claims to be a fun person who enjoys watching movies and listening to music. And three-fourths love great conversation and walks on the beach.

Be more descriptive. Your adult contacts will appreciate it if you stood out. If you love movies, then talk about your favourite and why you like it. You can even use a character in a movie to describe you. Be interesting and tell everyone how much you like movies or give examples of how adventurous you can be.

Filtering your “unwanteds.”

Creating a profile in on-line dating sites isn’t about attracting responses from potential adult contacts. You want to get responses from people who you find attractive. To narrow down the responses, tell everyone who you’re looking for.

Don’t use general statements such as “looking for somebody who has a sense of humour.” Instead, be more specific saying you want to meet “a light-hearted guy (or girl) who is between the ages of (specify a range) and who appreciate the funnier side of life.” You can also add, “If you could hold your end of the conversation over a two-hour drive, then you’re the perfect match,” or something to that effect.

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