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September 9, 2009
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September 16, 2009

Men are known to be prone to having an illicit affair. When it comes to cheating, it’s the males that tend to be at the forefront. Its a fact, 50 to 60 percent of men will engage in extramarital affairs at least once in their lives.

There are a lot of reasons for men indulging in casual dating but here are the tell-tale signs that can determine a man’s potential for having illicit encounters.

The storyteller

One of the many signs that you’re bound for the road that cheaters take is becoming a good storyteller. When you always seem to have an alibi and you’re constantly lying about the ladies you are spending time with, at the back of your mind, you’re already preparing for the time when you need those lies and alibis for when you cheat.


One moment you’re a happy camper and you couldn’t be more content in your life and the next, you find yourself feeling like you’re trapped in a life that seems so monotonous. You start to resent this limited freedom and you get more anxious to try and have an affair or have a bit on the side because you’re afraid that your partner will be the last person you will ever have sex with in your life.

You’re tolerant of cheating friends

If you can suddenly empathize with friends who cheat or bored housewives who are looking for a bit of fun outside the home, then you probably share the same sentiments. The fact that you can justify their behaviour can mean that you wouldn’t mind having an affair yourself.

Drawn to women

This is not so much as finding your eyes straying each time you see a gorgeous lady pass by. It’s more like you’re already actively seeking out women who are sympathetic enough to listen to your woes about your relationship. Be warned, however, an emotional affair like this can lead to an illicit encounter as women tend to fall for this kind of thing. You’re a step or two away to a full-fledged casual fling.

The secret girlfriend

When you’re talking to women, you find yourself conveniently forgetting to mention the fact that you’re already in a relationship or even downright lying about the existence of a wife or a girlfriend. You love the attention that you’re getting from these ladies so you’re reluctant to put a stop to it by bringing up your girlfriend or your wife into the conversation. This is another sign that you’re vulnerable to committing adultery affairs.

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