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Many believe that once they get into a marriage, the feelings that they had while they were still dating will last forever. But the reality of it is, in today’s world, couples find it hard to keep a relationship monogamous. A number of reasons, such as kids, work, or to long a time of being a couple leads one or both spouses to seek comfort in other people.

One of course, you try to keep your marriage free of extra marital affairs. But once you encounter someone that makes you feel a number of emotions that have not risen to the surface for many years, you may eventually succumb to cheating. Interests and priorities change through time; that is why spouses sometimes look for someone new who will share these common interests.

Life is too short, as they say, and if you eventually decide to seize the opportunity of being unfaithful, that least you can do is to not get caught. In the end, even affairs do not last, but you still have your wife to go back to.

There are some ways in which you can enjoy illicit encounters with someone other than your spouse without ever getting caught. One of the basic things you have to remember is to never bring your lover to your house. Go dating and enjoy adult fun outside of the conjugal home. Of course, you should never go to the house of your lover yourself. If someone else catches you there, chances are, your spouse will get wind of it. Also remember to be discreet and to keep a low profile when you are out on a date with your lover. People who know you and know your spouse can see you, and this leads to messy business. Try setting up scheduled dates and in places where you are sure that no one will recognise you.

You can also do casual dating. This way, you will be sure that it is going to be quick and with no strings attached. You will be able to satisfy your boredom without your spouse suspecting a thing. It is also best to not leave a history on your computer or leave numbers on your mobile phone. Erase everything immediately, or do not use any computer or phone at home to be safer.

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