Illicit Encounters
March 4, 2011
Adult Dating Sites
What To Do When Your Wife Discovers You’re Having an Affair
September 6, 2015

Why can an advert in the street cause so much consternation? Well that was exactly what happened to another internet company who decided to stick a poster in the street advertising their services under the banner “Can you keep a secret”

Adult dating whether it is outside a marriage or where parties in a relationship decide that the grass is greener is not a new phenomenon. Since the dawn of time adults have looked to spice up their lives with a little bit of extra on the side. Now let me make one thing clear I am not here to endorse such behaviour or is it something that I find necessary but I like to think that I am a realist and what will be will be!!

Affairsdating is risky it can even be a little bit dangerous but if two adults are consenting then surely society should not pass judgement. The internet today provides a perfect environment for individuals to hook up and have fun. The mechanism of making contact is safe and allows individuals to share their desires with others. This must be the way forward, how many dates end up with one person wanting more than the other is prepared to give so pre contact must be the solution.

So to all those that complained my comment is thus…you look after your life and let others get on with theirs.

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