I found love online
December 19, 2008
Naughty Dating
Traditional Or Internet-Dating
June 2, 2009

Never used a internet dating site before and certainly never thought I would find the urge to write about it but here I am and I want to share my wonderful experience. Firstly a little about myself, I am a 27 year old female, married for seven years with a wonderful little boy who is my world. I am not a party goer, but I love life and being around people much to the annoyance of my husband! He hates me going out, doesn’t like my friends and thinks my place, when not working full time, should be at home looking after our son and the house.

The problem is that it’s one rule for me and another for him; he is always out with the lads coming in drunk at weekends and stinking of cheap perfume. Yes we have spoken about it, yes I have tried to accept his ways but this has been going on ever since we got married and he is crushing my life. So…one Friday night when he had left for town I fired up my laptop and began what was to change my life. I had heard a lot about discreet dating sites where people could flirt with no strings so I typed in and found a link to the word illicit encounters and finally landed on married affairs and online dating. What drew me to this internet dating site more than anything were the stories and the reassurance that I was not the only person out there looking to put some excitement back in their life. My first shock I must say was the pictures and profiles, I never thought people could be so explicit. This wasn’t for me so I found a classy picture of myself and spelt out exactly what I was looking for “Mr Right to take me away to a life of happiness”.

Wow!!! In the first week of signing up as a full member I received over 500 winks and messages. Most were grim but one lad stood out, he wasn’t the best looking but his message just made me laugh. Not wanting to appear too keen I replied….”thanks you made me laugh”. That was October, 2 months later after hundreds of messages and phone calls we finally arranged to meet. Finding an excuse to get away from home was fairly easy as it turned out because my wonderful boss took us girls to London for our Xmas party and surprise, surprise my “Mr Right” just happened to be in the club we ended up in. What a night I felt like a teenager again, he was perfect! I have never laughed so much, he was both charming and romantic my only regret was the time was brief as I didn’t want to spend too much time away from my colleagues…..That was then this is now! I have seen Rob again and yes he is still perfect. We have some obstacles to jump as he is also married but if I love him and I never thought I would say that about another person. So a big thanks to affairs and dating you have certainly put the fun back into my life.

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