Did you know that adultery may actually save your boring marriage and give it the new fire it deserves? That's what Mira Kirshenbaum, clinical director for the Chestnut Hill Institute for research and relationship therapy in Boston and author of the book, "When Good People Have Affairs" found out. She states that with society refusing to engage in sympathetic discussions regarding infidelity, the positive sides of the act have been totally ignored. She also adds: "Sometimes an affair can be the best way for the person who has been unfaithful to get the information and impetus to change."

Change is good

Adultery puts things into perspective for both parties involved, helping them look at their issues in a different light so they can be resolved. Just look at the film, "Unfaithful". If Diane Lane didn't have an affair, Richard Gere wouldn't have realized how much he loved her. The same can also apply to you. You might be having problems now in your relationship, but being with another man or woman might stir up those feelings that you've always had for your partner,  feelings that you think may be gone because they got buried under all the issues you were having in the relationship. Adultery will give you the time and perspective to think things through. Should those feelings really be gone, you can affirm what you believed was happening. This will then allow you to move on, setting you up to truly finding the satisfaction that you've been yearning for.

Let the fun begin

When people talk about adultery, nobody ever mentions how exciting it can be. Affairs and understands that sometimes there's just that need to go out and have some fun, so we provide you with a quick and easy way of meeting new individuals that are on the same boat as you.

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