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Type in the term Adult Dating adult contacts into any search engine and the results would take you a year to digest. 10 million 900 thousand references to the term adult dating contained within the World Wide Web Wow! A little curious we dug deeper; how many people actually search for the term Adult Dating every month in the UK? Surprised again we found that there were on average 165 000 searches every month with 110 000 in the month of October 2017 alone.

So what is this phenomenon all about and why use an on-line internet dating site like affairs and dating. Well you don’t need me to insult your intelligence defining the words adult and dating but what do people using these sites expect to find and why use an internet adult dating site instead of the traditional methods: Boy sees girl, girl notices boy, they both exchange smiles one plucks up the courage to start a conversation and before long wine, roses and nights of plentiful lust or if you are really lucky straight to the sex. So we are all familiar with our inherited mating patterns so why now in this age of technology are we using our fingers to search for fun on internet adult dating sites.

Adult Dating Online

The adult dating world has changed. Even ten years ago, the mere mention of online dating made the majority of people cringe. Imagine that, someone being so tragic they can’t even meet someone in real life! How things have changed.

Nowadays, there are huge numbers of people online dating, and not only is it accepted, it’s absolutely the norm. There’s a dating app for every sexual orientation, kink and type of dating you can imagine too. That’s how far we’ve come!

That’s not to say there’s not plenty of people still going about things the old-fashioned way. With so many different pick-up artists out there trying to sell their fool-proof method to turn guys into James Bond, and a very real sexual liberation for a majority of young women, the classic meet-in-bar-and-go-from-there model is still alive and well.

Online vs Real Life?

When it comes to translating your skills in the bar into the virtual realm, there are some things you need to understand and get good at. While online dating and picking up girls in the real world are very different in some key ways, for the most part, they’re actually pretty similar.

Don’t let that deceive you though, good-looking people who usually do amazing with the opposite sex have a tendency to fail at online dating, generally because they’re used to easy success. Online dating evens the playing field that way.

If you want to get skilled and enjoy some success at online dating, there are a few rules you need to follow, and a few skills you need to get good at. Get these nailed down, and you’ll see some pretty amazing results.

Pictures are a Must

When it comes to your pictures you want a selection that show you off as a well-rounded, sexy and appealing person. The first picture should be as attractive as possible, find the most flattering photo of yourself by asking friends to help you pick. Anyone can take an attractive photo, there’s a degree of skill to it, but a bit of pampering and style always helps.

For guys, the second photo should show you with a group of friends, dressed well. This is important because it indicates status, popularity and style. The final picture should show you in area of competency, like playing the guitar, surfing or playing football. Find something you’re good at, and get a picture of you being good at it. Guys just like cleavage, in all honesty.

Bio isn’t All That Important

Here’s the thing, your bio really doesn’t matter that much. Just put some general info about the things you’re interested in, don’t go off on tangents. No more than three or four lines, as short as possible, ideally. Maintain an air of mystery.

Do not, under any circumstance, write out a true biography of you and your life. Don’t lie, but also don’t sit there for forty-five minutes typing out everything, from your qualifications to your favourite flavour of ice cream. That kind of thing defeats you on two fronts; you lose the air of mystery, and you become the kind of sad sap who spends hours typing out bios no-one reads.

Try Chat-up Lines

Chat-up lines do work. If they meet a certain criteria. Why are people on Tinder? Beyond hooking up, it’s for entertainment. A good chat-up line has to either be really clever or pretty funny. You need to hook them in with something that amuses and warms them towards you.

Flirting and Focus on the Date

Keep it casual, short, and move on to getting the number as quick as possible. In your conversation, focus on the concept of a date or meeting. This shows your aim, as well as hopefully getting them excited at the prospect of meeting you. Talk about all the ways you’re going to spoil them or what you want to do with them.

Be suggestive and employ plenty of moronic winky faces (statistically, people who use emojis get laid more, go figure). Steer clear of being creepy explicit. No one likes that. Statistics have shown that the only people who can get away with being creepy explicit and gross are either really hot guys or really down for it girls. No one else.

Getting the Number

Once you’ve got a decent rapport, and you’ve got them ramped up for meeting you, casually ask for their number. This part is actually very simple, just be very relaxed about it, and unsurprised if she turns you down. If that happens, she wasn’t excited enough to meet you. Move on, and improve your date talk for next time. Keep trying, you’ll nail it sooner or later. Don’t get creepy and clingy with one girl, that’s the very definition of abject failure on any dating site. Have fun.

Have the Right Mentality

 Succeeding at online dating or real life dating really just comes down to one thing; having the right mentality. If you’re depressed every single time the opposite sex doesn’t respond the way you want them too, you’re going to be depressed a lot. That’s not to say don’t evaluate the way you’re going about things though! Always look at ways to improve your approach and the way you come across.

On top of that, be chirpy, quirky, fun and sexy. Be unflappable, and happy, and inevitably, you’ll succeed at dating, no matter how you’re going about it.

Dating is Dating, and Anyone Can Succeed at It

Adult dating online is actually very similar in a lot of ways to dating in real life. Sure, there’s a lot of new elements to worry about, but the core bits are very much the same. Catch someone’s eye, chat them up, and ask them out. Try again if you fail, and adjust your approach if you keep failing. It’s not rocket science.

Online dating just means you don’t have to be at a bar to score. That’s hugely beneficial for non-bar-going types, and people who aren’t that into drinking, or people who’re just really quite busy. Online dating can turn you from someone without enough time to meet the opposite sex, into Casanova. 

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