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5 Things That Can Kill a First Date Stone Dead
August 14, 2018

Breakups suck. They suck whether or not you do the dumping, or you’re the dumpee. It’s always going to be a huge, unsettling shift in your life, challenging all of your previous life plans and ideas of self.

Of course, there are some breakups which are much more premeditated. These are the ones that leave you feeling relieved and ready to get on with your life, these aren’t really the breakups we’re talking about. If you’re one of these fortunate people, it’s just time to get dating again. If not, read on.

Here’s some of our best advice when it comes to helping yourself get over that evil ex, and carry on with the rest of your life. This is our quick guide to getting over a breakup as quickly and neatly as possible nd finding a new date.

Rebound away to a new date

Unsurprisingly, one of the most tried, tested and true methods of getting over a pesky ex is always going to be getting under someone else. You don’t have to go crazy, bedding everyone you meet, but a quick one night stand can have a myriad of benefits.

From the sheer sexual release to feeling attractive and wanted again, a strange lay can really reset you when it comes to re-entering the world as a single person. This is one of the most important things to do in the aftermath of a breakup. Maybe not on the same day, but definitely in the week or two following.

Breakups can leave us all feeling unattractive and unwanted, it’s super important to brush that intense feeling away with some casual, satisfying sex.

Experience the Breakup

One of the very worst things you can do after a breakup is denying yourself the chance to really experience the pain. A lot of the time, breaking up is like grieving. You need to go through it, and suffering and experiencing it is the quickest way of passing through it.

Sure, it can seem to make more sense to bury it and plough on with your work or whatever, but that can impede you when it comes to getting the whole thing fully out of your system.

Take a few weeks and give yourself the excuse and chance to be sad. It’ll help you move on much quicker in the long run.

Experience It, but Don’t Indulge Too Much

There’s a limit to how much you should be experiencing the breakup. If you’re finding yourself in a lasting period of depression or drinking way too much, you need to stop allowing yourself to feel it so much and use other methods to reboot your life. Don’t let the breakup reshape everything, and hold you in stasis.

Get Rid of Them on Social Media

Social media is for the most part super toxic, and if you’re constantly finding yourself checking up on them, that’s going to stop you getting over the whole situation as quickly as you might otherwise do.

Ideally, you want to block them on all social media and keep it that way. By doing this, you’re going to miss all the pointed, barbed statuses, aimed at you, and avoid seeing them all over other people on nights out. All that sucks, especially in the early stages of a breakup. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to avoid.

Maybe after a while, you’ll be able to add them back into your social media life, but until then, stay well clear.

Be Yourself Again

One of the best things about relationships is that you get to spend all your time with someone new, experiencing all the things they love to do, and really getting to know them. The downside, a lot of the things that you loved to do as a singleton will fall by the wayside.

That means activities like hitting the gym, spending time with the boys (or girls) or other hobbies, all take a massive hit, and while that’s not too bad when you’re still with your partner, afterwards, it can cause you to lose your sense of self a little bit.

One of the best ways to aid the recovery process is getting back into all the things that you used to love doing, or even taking up new hobbies. Just do things for you.

Get Old Friendships Going Again

Much like hobbies and activities, when we get in relationships, especially long-term ones, our friendships have a tendency to suffer for it.

Again, this isn’t too much of a problem when you’re still in the relationship, as you’ve got a solid support network in your partner (or you should have), but when it comes to the breakup, you’re going to need the old, friend-based support.

People understand, when you get into a long-term relationship, friendships get neglected, and we become less close, that’s just how it works. Now you’re out of that relationship, it’s time to start working on those friendships again.

That means things like reaching out to old friends, making plans, nights out and group holidays. All these are going to help you get over that ex.

When You’re Ready, Get Dating Again

The end goal we should all be reaching for when it comes to getting over someone is getting dating again. Flushing them entirely out of your system and getting back on the dating scene may seem like a tall order, but follow these tips, and give yourself a break, and you’ll be headed out on a date regularly in no time.

You’ll Be Yourself Again before You Know It

Breakups are hard. They can be super upsetting, derailing and incredibly difficult to deal with, and we all address them in different ways. The most important thing to remember is that pain and uncertainty are temporary. Give it a while, and you’ll soon be feeling yourself again.

All you need is a little bit of knowledge, and a little effort to push yourself back into being yourself, and you’ll be well on your way.

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